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Samsung Cloud already allows you to access your files from the browser, this is how it works

25 mayo, 2021

It was in August 2016 when Samsung launched the Samsung Cloud, its particular cloud storage platform with free 15GB that all Samsung smartphones come pre-installed by default. This is used both to make backup copies of the gallery files as well as backups of the device, although until now it was only accessible from a home mobile or tablet.

However, the Korean firm has enabled a version of Samsung Cloud that can be accessed from the browser of our computer. What is it for and what can be done with it? Let’s see it a little more in depth.

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Samsung Cloud, a cloud that you can download but cannot upload to

Samsung Cloud

The first thing we come across when accessing the platform is a summary of our account status. In it we can see the storage that we have available and the one that we have already used broken down by categories: Gallery, Samsung Cloud Drive, device backups, My Knox and secure folder and other synchronized data. If we click on each of the sections we can see more details.

Gallery In the gallery section you can see all the photos and videos that you have uploaded to the cloud, as well as download or delete them.

If you click on “Gallery” you can access all the photos and videos that you have synchronized from your mobile or tablet. All of them are in their original resolution. You can download them one by one, mark the ones you want to download to get a compressed file or download them all at once by pressing the button in the little box with the arrow that appears in the upper right area. While it is true that it is a useful function, the reality is that it is limping on one foot: you cannot upload photos or videos from your computer, so the file transfer is one-sided.

While it is true that it is a useful function, the reality is that it is limping on one foot: you cannot upload photos or videos from the computer, so the file transfer is one-sided


In the section “Device backup copies” you will find all the backups that you have made of all Samsung phones and tablets that you have at home and in which you have logged in. If you click on any of them, you will access a breakdown that will show you what exactly you have saved (such as calendar events, call records, documents, etc.). The only thing you can do with them is delete them, but nothing to export it to the hard disk.

Finally, under “Other data synced”, “Samsung Cloud Drive” and “My Knox and secure folder” you will find all the remaining files that you have uploaded to these platforms, such as documents or music. One would expect that Samsung Cloud Drive, which is used to store all kinds of files, would let us upload something from the PC, but neither. In fact, the platform itself invites you to “add files from your phone or tablet to fill the drive.”

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At the moment, the only use this tool has is transfer files from mobile or tablet to computer, but not the other way around. Nor can we find an application that we can install on the computer to automatically download the files to the PC as they are synchronized in the cloud (as is the case with Google Drive or Dropbox). In that sense, Samsung Cloud still has a lot of room for improvement.