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save a complete WhatsApp chat or web page

23 mayo, 2021

Are ‘normal’ screenshots falling short? You can make a screenshot zoomed or scrolled: in this way you will save an entire conversation from WhatsApp, Telegram, you will have a capture of a complete web page or of all the phone settings. We show you how to take these shots easily.

Capturing the screen is such a common action that we no longer pay attention to it: it is enough to perform the combination of ‘volume down and power’ buttons so that what appears on the screen is saved in an image. Now, what if you need to capture an entire conversation, a web page or the cover of an app? Then the scrolling screenshot, a type of save that combines multiple images while the screen scrolls vertically. And it is not difficult to achieve, you will see.

Surely your mobile already offers enlarged screenshots

Long Screenshots Capture button with scrolling on Samsung mobiles with One UI

Screenshots or screenshots with scrolling, or dynamic screenshot (each brand gives it a different name), are available on various brands of smartphones. Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme, Oppo, OnePlus … There are many manufacturers that have integrated the option within their custom layers, waiting for Android to offer these more complete captures within the system. So before installing a non-phone app, It is convenient to know if you already have the scrolling captures available.

10 functions for which you download apps and that your mobile already does as standard

To check if you have the dynamic screenshots, do the following:

  • Get to the point of the conversation, page, settings menu … from which you want to capture.
  • Capture the screen in the usual way. With the combination of buttons, gestures, quick access in the notification bar …
  • When the screen has been captured, a thumbnail will surely appear with the screenshot icon and some buttons. See if a vertical arrow appears and click there.
  • The mobile will activate the automatic control to scroll the screen while capturing it. When you have everything you need, stop it.
  • In the case of Samsung mobiles with One UI, you will have to press the vertical capture button until you complete everything you need.
  • In the Realme / OPPO you have to move the thumbnail of the screenshot up slightly. The vertical arrow will appear and the process will start automatically.

Once you have done the process, you will have the vertical scrolling capture saved in your photo gallery. You can easily share it from there, also edit it. And you only need what comes standard on your phone: most Android phones already have dynamic screenshots.

That you have the bad luck that your mobile does not have the expanded captures? Tap to get hold of the app store.

Longshot, enlarged screenshots on any Android

Long Screenshots

Many apps promise scrolling captures, but they don’t always deliver them automatically and without having to manually edit the snippets. Longshot is one of the simplest and most powerful that we have testedThat’s why we recommend it: once configured, you can save complete WhatsApp conversations, web pages, you can capture the Facebook wall, the Instagram feed … As long as there is vertical scrolling, Longshot manages it.

LongShot for long screenshot

LongShot for long screenshot

Once the application is installed, you must mark the ‘Auto scroll’ in its settings. The app needs accessibility permission to capture the screen, it also requires overlapping with the other applications. Once the permissions are activated, click on the new capture icon, go to the application you want to capture, go to the exact point and click on ‘Start’. Longshort will automatically scroll the screen while taking the captures. And when you stop the process (click at the top) Longshort will automatically join all the photos to create a single image. Save it with ‘Save’ and you’re done.