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Screenleap, share your screen without installing anything or registering

23 mayo, 2021

Screen sharing solutions there are hundreds. From the acquaintance VNC even some online solutions like Soluto. However, they are not too simple: you have to install programs, register on websites and they are not usually easy to use.

Today we bring you Screenleap, a website that allows share your screen in the simplest way possible. You simply go to their website, press share screen and that’s it. Now you just need to send the Url or the code to those who want to see your screen, and in a few seconds they will be seeing what you see on your screen.

Screenleap is free, does not require any registration or install any additional programs, and works on all browsers and operating systems. It does not have the fluidity of other more advanced systems, but in many cases it will be more than enough.

Via | PandoDaily
Official site | ScreenLeap