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Secret closes (confirmed). The anonymous confessions app didn’t quite take off

26 mayo, 2021

One of the most promising applications of last year (at least during the weeks following its launch), would be about to close according to BuzzFeed News. Secret would have communicated the decision to its employees and they would already be preparing to assume severance payments.

The app got a considerable impact on its beginningsIn part thanks to the concept and ease of use, but in large part also because some awkward confessions were released that heated up the atmosphere in Silicon Valley. Clone apps soon emerged and the controversy arrived: some of us were in favor of secret applications and others were against.

A redesign that did not seal the user leak

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As if an Instagram of confessions, the first versions showed us a timeline of images with a small superimposed text that contained an anonymous secret. Later they redesigned it to give less prominence to the photos and more to the text. The redesign had to do with the loss of users they suffered in the second half of 2014.

Why should we be interested in the secrets of others? Some of the secrets that the app shows us come from the contacts in our agenda or from people who live near us. Users can comment and like these publications, always anonymously.

35 million financing, 6 for the founders

With only a few months of life, the startup gathered $ 35 million in financing and the co-founders pocketed $ 3 million each. However, after hype They didn’t even make it to the top 100 most popular apps in the “social media” category in the iTunes App Store.

From the company they have not made statements about the news (which is still a rumor). If it is true that they are going to close, we will confirm it very soon.

Via | BuzzFeed News