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Selection of five online video hosting systems in Spanish

27 mayo, 2021

It is clear that one of the news that has appeared in the last week is the appearance of YouTube in nine different local versions, including the Spanish one. But previously we have been able to enjoy, and will continue to enjoy, other accommodation services in Spanish, of which I will choose five:

  • Google Video: I spearhead this system because it contributes some interesting things that not many contribute. For starters, I can upload longer videos through desktop clients, available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, in addition to allowing me more video time, not including your logo in videos embedded in websites and the possibility of downloads of such videos in a number of formats.

  • Dailymotion: Very popular in France, this system has been another of my favorites since it allows me to upload videos of up to 150 MB and up to 20 minutes, unless we choose to be users motionmaker, where in the end it allows us more time. It also does not include the logo in the inserted videos and allows us to create a videoroll, both horizontally and vertically, for our website. At first it was not in Spanish and it allowed uploading videos of up to 100 MB, with which during all this time they have implemented interesting improvements.

* Youtube: I think that no presentation is necessary, although little by little its functionalities are improving. On a negative note, indicate that if it includes a logo in the inserted videos, the lack of synchronization of the video with the audio and even the translation errors in the Spanish version.

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  • Dalealplay: This service seems good in principle. The fact is that we are limited to videos that do not exceed 50 MB or 10 minutes in length, a shame since it is one of the few that has a subtitler. In addition, it includes the logo in the videos inserted on the web as well as having a minidock similar to the one that was recently implemented on YouTube.

  • This system has no limit in terms of size or duration of the files to upload, allowing uploading several simultaneously. It has different tools, including a client for Windows and Mac OS X, as well as uploading files via FTP, among other ways. What if I have been surprised is that it allows, through its Premium service, to create your own Internet television channel where you can upload high-quality videos, which can be played in full screen. I don’t know how this functionality will suit ADNStream in terms of full screen channel playback with snappy playback.

In short, this is a small selection of video hosting systems, we know that there are other options, some of which we have discussed, such as Kewego, or recently

Perhaps if you know other services in Spanish, you can tell us in the comments, where we can know the maximum size and time allowed, among other functions.