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Send a letter to your “future self” thanks to this website

22 mayo, 2021

Sometimes we have the feeling that time passes too fast. Others, on the other hand, feel that we are not moving forward and we are stuck in a repetitive routine that seems to have no end.

Also, the time helps us take another perspective with things we have experienced. Situations that right now may seem terrible to you, perhaps in a few months they will seem a bit ridiculous.

“The future just a click away”

Futureme is a website that serves precisely for that, since we allows us to send “a letter” (that is, an email) to our “future self”. As if that were not enough, you have the option of making this letter private or public, in case you want to share it with the rest of the community.

Its operation is very simple. Once we have written what we want to send, we will simply have to choose the date on which it will be sent. By default, the one, three and five year buttons appear.

A Letter From January 3rd 2015

Anyway, right (on a blue button) they will let us choose a specific date. Below we will find the buttons to make it public or private and finally the email address to which it should be sent.

The services and applications that have changed everything in the decade

It is a tool that has been in operation for several years, and many users comment (on social networks like Twitter) that “it can be inspiring to use” or that “you will be surprised by what you think is important today.”

The Future Is Just A Click Away

You might think that this website could also be used to send future letters to other users. Well no, since once we have sent it we will have to confirm it by means of a link in the email account that we have specified.