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Send a message and you will automatically receive where your contact is with Location SMS

26 mayo, 2021

Today we bring you a very simple application that can save us a lot of problems. There are times we want have a certain person under control, for example to our children, our elders or an acquaintance who we do not know if it is okay. On the mobile there are many tools to share our location but today we bring you what is probably the simplest application for this purpose.

This is Location SMS, an application to which we must give permission to read our text messages and access the location of the mobile. Its operation is as follows. We give access to the contacts that interest us and that’s it. When any of these people want to know where we are, they just have to send us a message saying: “Where are you?”. The person will automatically receive a return message with our location.

Find out where your contact is even if you don’t have a connection


The power of this application lies in two aspects. On the one hand, its simplicity, since it consists of sending a single message. On the other hand, it is the fact that it is through SMS. Today many rates offer free messages and it has an advantage over WhatsApp and others. The thing is you do not need internet connection to be able to send the location.

The person who receives the message will need the internet to see the location, since they send us a location from Google Maps. The The application should only be installed on the phone that you want to be reachable.

A simple application that does not require internet so that your chosen contacts automatically know where you are.

In addition to the function of sending the location, Location SMS allows us to make some adjustments to suit our tastes. The first one is select from our list the specific contacts that we want to be able to send us an SMS. On the other hand, the application allows us to create a specific code so that any user can also send us this SMS and receive our location back.

Another interesting option is that of ‘Geofence’. Is about create a security area and every time we enter or leave an SMS will be sent automatically. The application also lets you set a specific schedule. This can be useful the first few days that we leave the little one at school alone or to make sure that an older person has gotten home correctly. The use that is given to this application and the criteria to be followed are already in the hands of the users.


An additional function is to ‘Lost’. In that case, if we send a message with that word, the mobile will ring at full volume even with do not disturb mode. An alternative use to the ‘Find my phone’ function when we do not have the internet activated.

The application is currently only in English, but it doesn’t have many menus. The only thing that the message should be “Where are you?” and not “where are you? Location SMS is available to download for free, although it has an integrated purchase of 1.99 euros to allow any user to send us this message.

The cost of the messages is not included so we must take it into account when using the application. A very interesting service where we are promised to maintain the privacy of text messages and that can be used to stay alert to the situation of our loved ones.

Location SMS - Offline Phone Finder

Location SMS – Offline Phone Finder

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