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Send letters and postcards over the internet from the Correos website

26 mayo, 2021

That ordinary mail has been completely lost is now a reality. Except for some romantics who continue to send letters to this day and thank you (or unfortunately) from the email that sending letters is almost over. However, there are certain situations that require you to send a letter and to fool yourself, it is a hassle to go and buy stamps, an envelope and post it.

I admit that when I read about the subject that we are going to comment on, it caught me by surprise, I had no idea that this could be done, and even less in Spain (why fool us). The point is that from the same Correos website we can send both letters and postcards without having to go down to the Estanco, without even having to move from the sofa.


The system is very simple, we upload a Word or PDF file that does not occupy more than 1MB or twenty pages, we pay with a credit card or Paypal and that’s it. In the case of postcards, we can choose a photo from the gallery that they offer us or upload one of our own, totally personalized.

I do not know how the service works since I have not used it so far, but being something official of the Post Office it should work well (or how well these things work) and although it is somewhat more expensive than sending it ourselves on our own, it is undoubtedly an option for the laziest or for those who have no other option.

I was surprised that Post do not advertise this any more (I have found out by chance) as I think it is a great service that the more people who know about it, the more they will use it. It is also quite hidden within the Correos website, but once you find it it is quite intuitive, although you have to register in advance.

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