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Setting this image as wallpaper is blocking some Android phones

26 mayo, 2021

In the past we have seen how a message with certain characters could block an iPhone or how thousands of emojis in a WhatsApp message could leave an Android mobile in a coma, but today the culprit of block mobiles It is not a text, but a photo.

In appearance it is a harmless wallpaper with a beautiful natural scene, although it is blocking the Android phones of several of the users who try to set it as wallpaper. Apparently, this is an error related to the color profiles of that image.

Curiosity blocked the mobile of several users

The news jumped on Twitter. The well-known leaker Ice Universe shared a photo with the text “Attention! Never put this photo as a wallpaper, especially on a Samsung mobile. It will make your phone crash! Don’t try it! If someone sends you this photo, ignore it “. Curiosity didn’t kill any cats, but it did cause several users to rush to do the exact opposite of what was suggested: to try to use the photo as wallpaper.

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The result varies. Some users can set the wallpaper without major problem, while in other cases System UI keeps closing, making it very difficult, if not impossible, to use the mobile. Restarting in safe mode is not a guarantee of being able to get rid of the error, since in some cases the same wallpaper remains.

Apparently the problem it is found in the Google Skia library and the premultiplied alpha channels, which Android misinterprets causing an error. That is, the image has nothing special about its content, but it is its color profile that makes the Android System UI, in some cases, closes every time you try to process it.

Caused When trying to process the image, System UI loops with this error

As System UI is in charge of displaying a large part of the Android interface, its closure in a loop makes using the mobile is an impossible mission until the wallpaper is changed. Restarting in safe mode will not always help, as safe mode keeps the same wallpaper. What is effective is a factory reset, as all user settings are erased, including wallpaper.

The good news is that, according to Ice Universe, Samsung has already been informed of this error since mid-May, and it should be fixed in a future update, possibly in a security patch. Now, some users report that the error is not exclusive to Samsung, but that they have been able to replicate it, for example, in a Google Pixel 3.

While the matter clears up, it is best to postpone your plans to download wallpapers, especially those that you do not know very well where they came from. This error is not unique to the image above, but should be repeated with other images that include the same color profile. Taking into account that in some cases it is quite difficult to regain control of the mobile and may require you to delete all your data, prevention is better than cure.

Via | Engadget