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Seven alternative applications to Grooveshark to keep listening to music

27 mayo, 2021

This week we have seen how Grooveshark, one of the most popular and controversial music streaming services, was shutting down. The industry has evolved since they entered the business to such an extent that there is no longer a place for them. Or if? There are still a few such services that are not only surviving but are doing very well.

Grooveshark might not have a wonderful Android app, but the service had quite a following. This service has died but there are a few other free alternatives that are worth taking a look at and no, we are not talking about using Spotify on mobile with the free mode and ads between songs. We are going with these alternatives to continue listening to music online.


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Of all the radio applications on Android, 8tracks is one of the most attractive options. Their service is based on a bunch of user-created playlists with all kinds of themes and environments that we can imagine. It works well, has a wide catalog and the interface is well cared for so that we can use it without getting frustrated.

The only notable downside to it, in my opinion, is that even though mp3 quality is good, the connection is sometimes slow and we may suffer cuts while listening to songs. Apart from that, it has one of the most interesting approaches in that type of application. Of course, it is free.



Many know this application as Chinese Spotify and the truth is that the comparison is very successful. It has a very extensive catalog of music, well organized and with themes from different periods. In addition, the application is one of the best of its kind: well designed, easy to use, very friendly … There is only one but.

NetEase is not distributed on Google Play so you have to install the apk manually and yes, it is in Chinese. Don’t worry, there is a fairly active community around it in charge of doing translations. They usually go one or two versions behind but we will not miss anything serious. It’s free and, in my opinion, the best alternative to Grooveshark.



Among the many applications that exist for online radios, Jango is less well known than Slack, Pandora or I Heart Radio, but it is not an option that we should not take into account. It is an application that works very well, it has a good catalog and the lists by topics that it generates automatically are not bad at all, sometimes they could fine tune a little more.

The only downside to Jango is that in recent months they have made some somewhat misguided decisions such as remove lock screen controls, something that at this point is surprising since all music players have this option. It is worth giving it a try as much as the other apps out there of this style.

Google Music


Okay, we said we wouldn’t talk about Spotify’s free mode with its ads but we didn’t say anything about Google Play Music. This service works really well and the capacity it offers to upload songs is very great. In addition, it has a very well-developed application with many options, such as cast music to Chromecast, something that gives it a lot of value.

The only downside to Google Play Music is that If we want to get the most out of it, we will have to pay. Be careful, there is nothing bad about that but remember that the list is about free services and not their payment methods, if any. A good service and a great alternative to the king of streaming music: Spotify.



If the design of 8tracks does not convince you but the service and its content do, then InfiniTracks is the application you are looking for. It is an application capable of accessing this library and reproducing content. The only difference is in the interface and its design, this application is much more beautiful and attractive. Of course, it has yet to polish some bugs.


TuneInRadio offers something different from the rest of the services we have seen. With it, we can play music from thousands of stations around the world. Have a classic format but one of the most powerful applications. The problem is that being a traditional radio type model we cannot control the content so well and until we find music that we like, it may take a while to locate it.



One of the latest applications to join this unique niche. Some time ago we talked about it as an option that was able to combine SoundCloud and YouTube to create thematic radios, by genres or even artists. The idea is very good but it needs a lot to polish since the integration of the videos in the app leaves a little to be desired and is not as good as in the official YouTube application.

Some design aspects also have to be polished but it has the potential to be a good option in the future that is always installed on our Android. Options, as you can see, we have a lot to listen to music for free with your mobile or a tablet. If you don’t know any, I recommend that you start with NetEase.