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Seven free applications to take screenshots with advanced options in Windows

22 mayo, 2021

Although since the Windows 10 October 2018 Update things have changed with a vitaminized version of Cutouts, Windows has always been characterized by having a poor screenshot tool. Ok, it’s true that we’ve all gotten used to using Print Screen with Paint or pressing Win + Impr Pant to automatically save the capture, but that does not mean that we have to settle for such basic options.

That is why today we are going to offer you seven alternatives for those who want to get much more out of it to your screenshots. Alternatives that appropriate the key Print Screen to be easier to use, and with which you can cut, edit, upload to the network or share the captures you take as you like.

The new Windows 10 October 2018 Update screenshot tool, in depth

LightShot: simple, light but full of options


LightShot is one of the highest rated screen capture applications on the net, especially by those who seek simplicity, lightness and a good collection of options. All we have to do is press the screen capture button so that it is activated and we can select the area we want to capture.

On the one hand, the application will let us draw, make straight lines, squares, arrows, insert text or color our captures. But on the other we will also have options for upload them to the cloud, share them on social networks or search on Google images similar to those captured. And of course, we can also save, copy or print them.

WinSnap, a complete suite for your captures


For those looking for even more options we also have alternatives such as WinSnap, It is a complete application that it will open in its own window to show us the screenshot and all the editing options, such as including the cursor, cleaning the background or adding effects such as shadows, watermarks or reflections.

Once open we can also choose if we want to capture the entire screen, only one application (in which case it will eliminate Aero-type effects) or a certain area of ​​the screen. We can draw, underline, add texts and color. The only negative point is that it seems that the free version has been discontinued and they now only offer a free 30-day trial version. Still, the lifetime license only costs $ 30.

GreenShot, balance between lightness and options


We could consider that our third option on the list is a mix of the previous two. GreenShot, on the one hand, appears as a lightweight application that we can use with various key combinations or through its icon on the taskbar, but it also includes the option to open the capture in a separate application to be able to edit it to our liking.

It allows us to capture specific regions, windows or the entire screen, upload them directly to Imgur or send them to the printer or by email. Use several combinations with the Print Screen key, but if we are not satisfied we will have total freedom to change your keyboard shortcuts in preferences.

PicPick, the Swiss Army Knife of capturers


If PicPick is surprising for something, it is because it not only offers us a powerful tool to capture our screen, but also because includes other quite interesting tools. Among them we will find an angle meter on the screen, a pixel ruler or a color palette to obtain the code we want.

It will also allow us to create a blank image or open one that we have saved in its paint tool. And of course, the a thousand and one ways to take a catch: full screen, active window, region, with the window scroller and even freehand in case we want to capture a curious drawing.

ShareX, accentuating sharing options


As its name indicates, ShareX is an application that will not only make all kinds of captures that have occurred and to be had, but will also help us to share them almost instantly. And all because it is configured to automatically upload the capture to Imgur, allowing us to generate a tinyurl or a QR code to link to it.

We can take photographic captures with all kinds of shapes and video recording in FFmpeg format or GIF image. In addition, we can configure different services to upload the photos or the actions that we want it to do automatically when we have taken the capture or when it has been uploaded.

PrtScr, minimalist and with basic options


PrtScr is a tool that is not obsessed with offering you a thousand and one options that you are only going to use a handful of, but rather prefers offer that handful in a minimalist and light environment. We will only have to press Print Screen and we will have the option of underlining, taking a screenshot of the full screen or taking the capture in a selected area by hand.

In its repertoire of options we can edit the key combination to execute it, choose what it will do once we take the capture or what is the format in which we want it to save them. Nothing more, but nothing less.

FireShot, captures also for the browser


Not all are applications to take screenshots of what is seen on the desktop. We also have applications that, like FireShot, are intended for browsers with support for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer itself. It is represented as an icon in the menu bar, and will have the default click or a drop-down menu with more options.

If we click on the icon, the option to save the full page capture will appear directly in the folder we want. On the other hand, if we click on the arrow next to it we will have several advanced options to save only the portion of the page that is displayed on the screen or the selected area. There is also a preferences option to edit the default format, delay or nomenclature of the capture.