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Seven programs to listen to the radio from your PC

27 mayo, 2021

Radio has been serving as a means of communication and entertainment for the human being for a long time. Y resist heroically: neither television nor the online world have managed to make it disappear. What’s more, it has proven to be one of the most adaptable means of communication out there.

One of those examples of adaptation has been the arrival of digital platforms. With them, radios have had to find ways to remain relevant on all kinds of devices, whether they were mobile or desktop. In this article we are going to give you seven programs to listen to the radio on your PC.

TapinRadio, simple and austere


TapinRadio is a program that knows what it is, no frills. It is a simple, austere and, at the same time, quite complete online radio station player. Ok, its interface will not be as careful as that of other options that we will see in this article, but it is enough.

In its extensive list of online radios we will find even Spanish stations like Cadena SER, so to listen to the radio while you’re at the office or doing some work from home you can get the latest news.

TuneIn, a modern classic


TuneIn is, today, one of the more widespread options when listening to online radio. It is fully multiplatform, and already has a presence in the main mobile and desktop systems. Its catalog is one of the most extensive in its sector, and of course it has a good assortment of radios in Spanish.

The interface is particularly neat, it is intuitive and easy to use and it works really well. Need to say more?

Nexus Radio, international thematic stations


The case of Nexus Radio is a little different from the previous ones, since it is mainly powered by themed music stations, with some station where news is given, although few in Spanish.

Otherwise, it has a attractive interface with an interesting design, very easy to use, with support for shoutcasts in different audio formats.

VLC, this media player can also


Apart from being one of the media players with more potential Today and one of the most respected, VLC can also be a great option when it comes to playing online radio stations. Now, you have to search a bit.

Opening the play list of the program, in the lower part we should see a part dedicated to the Internet. In it we will also find a wide selection of radio channels to explore.

Clementine plays music and radio


For those who do not know, Clementine is a very good audio player, heir to a Linux classic, such as Amarok. It is, from my point of view, one of the best open source audio players that can be found for all major operating systems.

Clementine also plays radio stations, although in some cases some will require certain configuration (others will be enough to double click to listen to them). In this aspect I think it falls a bit short, but it is worth a try.

Screamer Radio, simplicity and design all in one


As in the case of TapinRadio, this is a simple player that, this time with a more careful design. We refer to Screamer Radio which, unfortunately, does not have a catalog as extensive as that of the aforementioned program.

Its stations, as in many other examples, are grouped into thematic channels. Just select one, choose a station, and start listening to it.

Winamp, the classic reborn


Although he was left for dead, it turned out that he only changed ownership. Can still be found versions of Winamp to download from its main page, and I have to say that the last one has very pleasantly surprised me.

In previous versions we already had the possibility of listening to online radio stations from the multimedia library, and in the one that I have tried to make this article the feature is still present and working perfectly. All you have to do is choose a musical genre, select a station and start listening to it. The classics never die.