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seven websites to make free puzzles

22 mayo, 2021

The more days that pass during social isolation from the coronavirus, the more people look for things to spend time indoors with. One of those things is puzzles, and They are in such high demand that they have begun to be sold out in online stores.

So if you wanted to fight boredom by doing puzzles at home but can’t buy one, you can always turn to an online experience. It is not the same by far, but it can be worth to entertain more than one. Here you have seven websites to make puzzles online, alone or with friends.

Jigsaw explorer

Jigsaw explorer

Jigsaw Explorer immediately became my favorite puzzle site as I tried out dozens to include in this article. What I like the most about the web is that it not only has one of the cleanest pieces and the most pleasant backgrounds, but that you can drag the pieces with a single click on them, without having to keep your finger pressed on the mouse, something that can be tiring if you play for a long time.

When starting you can choose the number of pieces that the puzzle will have from an extremely wide selection. You can change the background color, and you can decide if you want the pieces to rotate or not, you can use the buttons to hide pieces, or to show only the corners. It is one of the best interfaces of this type of website, and there are no annoying ads.

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The Jigsaw Puzzles

Everyday Jigsaw

At you have two options: you can put together puzzles on the web within a more than decent interface, with full screen options, clues, zoom, etc. Or, you can click on the “Download All Puzzles” button that appears to the right of any of the puzzles and install a small app for Windows completely free and ultra light to put together puzzles or create your own.



At you can do puzzles with other people. Most of the images are pretty cool and on the home page it tells you how many people are inside that puzzle trying to complete it. In addition, you have a chat.

You can enter an empty puzzle or one with others, and once there you can invite your friends. If you log in with an account, you can create a new puzzle by searching among more available images and choosing the number of pieces, there you can choose whether it will be private or public.

I’m a puzzle

Im A Puzzle

This is another pretty simple and straight to the point website. In I’m a Puzzle you can use available photos or upload your own to start a puzzle. You can choose between five types of difficulty and even change the shape of the pieces. Oh, and they also let you pin the original image to the corner to guide you.

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Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet has one of the largest selections of puzzles, all with different numbers and shapes. You can choose any and get started right away. You have a timer underneath and you can compete with others to see who finishes the puzzle in less time, each image has its record.

1001 games

Puzzle Online

In CrazyGames you find more than puzzles, but their puzzle section has a few that are worth it. They all work a little differently and each game has its own selection of images. There are at least a dozen different games, some better than others.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Online Jugsaw Puzzles

This is an extremely clean and minimalist free online puzzle site with very easy puzzles for children and more complex ones for adults (up to 247 pieces). The photos are varied and organized by categories. The interface itself is also easy to use, and there is a sound response when connecting the pieces.

It also has a timer, you can hide pieces according to the type, and the quality of the image in each piece is one of the best of this entire selection, the only annoying detail is the preview of the original image that appears somewhat transparent and difficult to see.

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