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Shadow ban, Twitter’s anti-bullying measure that comes from Internet forums

27 mayo, 2021

Today we have learned of one of Twitter’s anti-harassment measures, those that recently provoked protests from users. As published in The Verge, some users have started receiving notifications that his tweets are “arrested”. These users are being told that only their followers can see their activity on Twitter for periods that are currently 12 hours. The counter starts running when the “Continue to Twitter” button is clicked.

This measure, in fact, comes from internet forums and is known as “shadow ban”. It has other names (such as “stealth ban”), but it is one of the most traditional moderation tools on these message boards. According to the outlet, in the vBulletin software to create forums it appeared with the name “tachy goes to coventry”.

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If it is effective, it is because the offender believes that he can still spread his bile throughout an entire community, but nobody sees it actually. Twitter’s approach to this is from a point of view that has a lot to do with smart moderation, as it at least lets the user know what is happening. The traditional shadow ban occurs without the offender’s knowledge.

It has one major downside, however: ghost accounts created to attack the platform once they realize it. Meanwhile, moderators and users can rest assured. Trolls will continue to think that they continue to function as if nothing, while the general public can continue to do their thing.

Twitter has not revealed much on the policies and tools it uses to limit the scope of those who engage in cyberbullying, as the company believes that they will seek how to use the information to play with the system depending on the medium. After being denied access after breaking a rule, the user will typically attempt to litigate against that specific rule, making arguments that are not in good faith.

However, the shadow ban it doesn’t have to work on Twitter just like in a forum. At least it is something, and the nuance of Twitter in the variation that it will introduce of this technique seems to imply that the company is stopping to think about ways to attack cyberbullying properly.

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