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Signal recovers normality after the avalanche of users after Elon Musk’s tweet and the controversy with WhatsApp

27 mayo, 2021

Signal has been experiencing problems since Thursday in the process of verifying the phone numbers of new accounts. Issues that begin to resolve hours after the encrypted messaging application experience a sudden and noticeable increase in new users.

It is the effect produced by two concrete facts: a tweet from Elon Musk and a controversial WhatsApp news. The machines in charge of sending by message the codes that allow the application to verify that the telephone number is correct were overwhelmed and the possibility of registering on the platform was limited; messages were not arriving or were late.

The verification codes that Signal sends to be able to verify that the telephone number provided is the correct one were not being able to be sent and received normally

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A recommendation and new conditions

This week has been moved to WhatsApp. During the first days of the year, users of the instant messaging application par excellence received a notice on their devices indicating that to continue using the service it is necessary to accept a new privacy policy. New conditions that, among other issues, address the sharing of WhatsApp user data with the rest of Facebook services.

This situation was joined on Thursday by a tweet from Elon Musk, very brief as well as clear, the one that precedes these paragraphs: “Use Signal”. Said and done, it appears to be for part of 41.5 million followers and others.

A few hours later, the Twitter account of Signal warned that different vendors could not properly submit verification codes because “a lot of new people are trying to join Signal right now”.

A couple of hours later it seemed that the situation was normalizing around the world, although it was not until this Friday that they announced that European users should be able to register without delay due to the sending of these messages. It is unknown how many users may have won.

“A lot of new people are trying to join Signal right now,” they reported this Thursday from the Signal Twitter account.

Elon Musk, in addition to recommending Signal, He also took the opportunity to charge again against Facebook. If in recent years he has been critical of the company, a few hours ago he published a meme in which the birth of Facebook is related to the assault on the United States Capitol through the image of a domino. The first piece is a succinct definition of what the platform was in its earliest origin and the last tab is a tweet that comments on what happened in Washington this Wednesday.

Signal has been using PIN codes for a few months to allow data migration if access to the phone is accidentally lost and one of their future plans regarding this feature is to enable it more generally stop linking accounts to a phone number, although this functionality has not yet been implemented.