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Six fast and lightweight EPUB readers for Windows and Linux

23 mayo, 2021

With the popularization of mobile devices, the popularization of the format has also come EPUB. Although the PDF It is still the favorite when it comes to distributing a document, this format is being offered more and more frequently as a download alternative (if not as the only option). That is why it is convenient to have a desktop application on hand that allows us to open them quickly and then we bring you six of them.

There are several options to choose from, but I have decided to limit myself to a selection that ignores those programs mainly intended to manage our document library or that, despite allowing it, do not emphasize that function. The goal is for them to be lightweight and open documents quickly, by the time we download a EPUB and we want to see its content as soon as possible. Functionalities such as annotation have not been taken into account, despite the fact that some of the programs reviewed have them and others.

One last note before going through the list: except for one, they all work on both Windows and Linux, although the tests have been done in Windows 8 Release Preview, where all have been developed without problems or any extra adjustments.

<h2>Calibre: un gestor que incluye un lector ligero y potente</h2>
Caliber: a manager that includes a lightweight and powerful reader

“Well go list” you can say if the first thing I do is put the best-known book manager. It’s not exactly a lightweight program, is it? Because Caliber is focused on managing our library, to which we can add any document in any format to be able to locate it quickly. Also, hadn’t he said he wasn’t going to talk about this kind of software?

The reason for including Caliber is that has a reader EPUB quite light And it more than meets our expectations when opening an electronic book. We can configure it so that the books are opened by default with it, instead of being added to the Caliber library (which, if I remember correctly, is how the program is configured by default when it is installed). In addition, the reader is independent and does not force to open the main program to use it.

Advantage: we have a reader EPUB quite competent and a powerful document manager. Disadvantage: if we are not interested in using the manager, we are taking up space on the hard disk unnecessarily. If you do not need a program of these characteristics, better turn to another of the readers of this list.

Download | Caliber

<h2><span class="caps">EPUB</span>reader: una extensión para Firefox</h2>
EPUBreader: an extension for Firefox

From EPUBreader we spoke at the time is not an independent program, but a firefox extension (with all that that entails), so that if we use this browser, it can be quite useful for us.

It has a catalog to which the books that we open will be added. Beyond that, it’s slightly configurable so you can change things like fonts, size, margins, etc. A good option only if Firefox is your main browser or at least you have it installed as a secondary one and you do not want to resort to an application more installed on your system.

Download | EPUBReader

<h2>Adobe Digital Editions: para los <span class="caps">EPUB</span> con <span class="caps">DRM</span></h2>
Adobe Digital Editions: for EPUBs with DRM

The Adobe Reader. Essential if what we want is to open a EPUB with DRM. The truth, only for this reason is that I put it on the list, because like its cousin, Adobe Reader, it is pulling slowly. It contains some configuration options to improve readability, but the time it takes to open a file discards it for my purposes.

If we usually access from the desktop to many EPUB with DRM, we can save ourselves the installation of another program to access those that do not have it. Although its delay in opening it bothers me quite a bit and it is not my favorite option, but rather a necessary evil.

Oh, and this is the only one without a Linux version. But it seems to be working without much problem via Wine, although I have not come to verify.

Download | Adobe Digital Editions

<h2><span class="caps">FBR</span>eader: a pesar del tiempo, sigue cumpliendo</h2>
FBReader: despite the time, continues to deliver

FBreader is another program that has been around for a long time. Although their development continues, they have focused more on mobile platforms and the Windows version is a bit old. However, it still fulfills its function perfectly (in Windows 8 it works without any problem).

For the purpose that I have set myself in this article (simply open and read a EPUB), you have a problem: you have to add the book to your catalog before you can open it. However, this can be circumvented if we configure the program to open the EPUB as default. If so, a double click will suffice.

Apart from this inconvenience, the reader is worthy of compliance and is widely configurable (we can even rotate the text in case we need it). Although the Windows version has not been updated for a while, the Linux version is still under development, currently working on a beta that can be installed through packages. DEB. When they finish the development of this version, they will go on to make those for Windows and Mac.

Download | FBreader

<h2>Sumatra <span class="caps">PDF</span>: minimalismo ante todo</h2>
Sumatra PDF: minimalism above all

Sumatra PDF is an old acquaintance. As its name says, it is a reader of PDF, yes, but in its latest versions it has built-in support for EPUB, hence it is included in this list. Sumatra has always been rated as the best choice for PDF if what we are looking for is mainly speed and not great features, and in the section EPUB we find the same.

In fact, by opening a EPUB we find an exacerbated minimalism, even more than a PDF. It has a few configuration options among which They can not be found being able to change the font size, the margins or access the table of contents, something that would be useful. With this caveat, perhaps this is the reader that best fits what I propose from the beginning: simply, open a EPUB quickly.

Download | Sumatra PDF

<h2>Azardi: rapidez y buen diseño</h2>
Azardi: speed and good design

Azardi is an excellent reader of EPUB that opens the books very quickly and that has been updated a few months ago to a higher version that incorporates many new features. It is very configurable, allowing us to adjust it in the way that we think is most suitable for reading: we can change fonts, size, margins and it even allows us to divide the text on the screen into up to four columns.

However, it has the same drawback as FBreader: we must add the document to its catalog. And in this case it is not worth setting it as the default. Despite this, it must be taken into account that said catalog only contains links to the books that we have added: it does not copy them to any own folder and keeps them where they are when incorporating them, so that if we move them, the catalog entry it will no longer open the book.

Azardi is an excellent option, as long as we don’t mind having to add the EPUB that we download to be able to open them.

Download | Azardi