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Six online games that test your dexterity and mouse pulse

26 mayo, 2021

Mobile games have conquered our free time, that is undoubted. But from that time when we were bored surfing the web in search of minigames made in Flash, a few have survived with something in common: use the sensitivity of our mouse to challenge us.

As a tribute, we are going to see some of these games. Winning does not depend on our intelligence or our agility, but of our patience and our pulse to move an object very carefully and / or at high speeds without failing. Nostalgic people may remember some of them.

Test your mouse skills

Test Mouse Skills

The name is not very creative, but we are facing a maze with which we have to move the blue ball towards the red one without touching the walls by dragging it with the mouse. I recommend lowering the volume to a minimum, as music can distract us.

Red Square

Red Square

Here we do not have to drag: we move a red square with the mouse cursor and we simply have to avoid that other blue figures collide with us while they bounce around the playing area. Server does not last more than five seconds.

Exact Aim Pro

Exact Aim Pro

This game is designed so that gamers practice your marksmanship before catching any First Person Shooter. It is about shooting at balls that move and change size quickly, wasting as little ammunition as possible. Don’t worry about the Russian text: just click on the game title and it will start after a short countdown.

The Mouse 101

The Mouse 101

Another game in which we have to click on some moving figures to make them disappear, but something more frantic and with other tests to measure our dexterity or speed.

Skill Test 2

Skill Test

In this case we also have several tests, which focus above all on our visual acuity. The first challenge, for example, asks us to click on the first circle that turns yellow as fast as we can, measuring how long it takes with millisecond precision.

Mouse Skills Test

Mouse Skill Test

Finally, a title that reduces the test of our mouse skills to trying to make the maximum number of clicks in a given space of time. Basic, but invites you to bite with friends to dangerous levels.

Image | William Hook
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