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Six online services to master and remix your own music

24 mayo, 2021

Normally, when you think about entering the world of professional digital audio editing, you think that the first thing to do is pay a good amount of money to buy complex applications that allow the mixing and mastering our songs.

But nothing is further from the truth: the most modern web technology has been able to give way to the opening of pages capable of handling that audio without the need for any additional program to install natively. Let’s see some examples of the capabilities that these portals have.



This website allows us to create and remix songs without even having to register, although with a user account we can store all our work in your cloud. And it’s free, so any user wanting to tinker has a free hand.



MasteringBox is one of the few websites where the mastering of songs is visibly promoted, something that the most audiophiles they will appreciate. They offer a free account, although there are two payment methods starting at 9 euros per month for those who request uncompressed WAV audio mastering and EQ controls.



We move on to remixing pure and simple with Partycloud, who offers us the basic controls to remix and play with various songs available from a directly embedded playlist. Completely free. Another similar website where we can do the same is Muziic.



Maybe the free web More complete, Soundation allows us to make use of free audio samples to create our own songs. The icing on the cake is a built-in wizard to publish those songs on services like Spotify, bringing together the whole process of becoming a musician from scratch.



The UJAM website offers several solutions, but we are interested in its portal for the creation of audios. Maybe the simpler and friendlier interface that Soundation attracts you, apart from the fact that it is also free.

Beta looplabs


We end up with a website that is still in the testing phase, but that already promises: Looplabs is defined as a “personal study to make songs in the cloud “, and its interface seems to prioritize simplicity over the avalanche of buttons and controls. You can all leave your email to sign up for the beta.

Image | Catrin Austin
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