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Six pages to listen to relaxing music while you work

23 mayo, 2021

Whether with the intention of relaxing or trying to improve concentration, many people choose to play background music while working in front of a computer. Nowadays it is very easy to enter a Spotify-like website and search for a playlist with relaxing music, but there are also other alternatives.

If you are one of those who do not want to waste time looking for and choosing songs, below we show you a list of six simple pages whose sole purpose is to provide us, without any complication, different selections of background music to help us relax while we work

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We start our list with Chilltunes, a simple website created by one of the Reddit users, and in which the different songs that have been shared in some of the dedicated musical subreddits will be used to relax us.

The controls on the web are more than simple, and all we have to do is press the PLAY button to find ourselves in front of a simple player in which we can see the song that is playing and a link to the subreddit on which it is posted, and in which the only thing similar to playback controls is a button with which we will go to the next song.

Relaxing Beats

Even simpler is Relaxing Beats, another website in which the only thing that we will find when entering are some musical controls in which we will only have to press play and start listening to music immediately. We will also have controls to adjust the volume and change the songs in case we find one that does not convince us.

The mission of this website is clear, to offer us a complete selection of instrumental music with which we can concentrate to study, work or simply spend a few moments doing nothing while we relax from the stresses of day to day.

Jazz and rain

With a design quite similar to Relaxing Beats, but at the same time with a totally different sound concept, Jazz and Rain is exactly what it sounds like, and provides us with the perfect mix between the soothing sound of the rain together with an exquisite selection of Jazz.

Once again, we will have controls to change the song whenever we want, being able to determine the volume of both the music that is playing and the rain in the background. In addition, in case music seems an unnecessary distraction, the web also allows us silence it and be left with only the sound of the rain.

Relaxing Snow

But if it happens that Neither Jazz nor the rain are holy to your devotion, Relaxing Snow is a website in which we will find a wallpaper in which we will see how it snows, while in the background we delight ourselves with piano music. This time we will not have controls with which to change the song, but basically because the same melody only sounds over and over again.

Eternal Bliss

Eternal Bliss is possibly one of the simplest pages on our list, and the only thing we will have to do when we enter is choose how long we want to relax, being able to choose between a minute, ten, an hour or until we get tired.

Although we have included it in this selection of relaxing music, the true objective of this website is to help us meditate. In this way, while we listen to music on the web, we will be shown texts with which we can interact by clicking on them. We can also change the type of music that is playing with the directional arrows on our keyboard.


And we end up with what is by far the most complete and complex page of all, so much so that it has been on the verge of being left off the list because it is more aimed at look like other apps like Spotify or Soundcloud. In fact, it is from the latter that they draw their extensive musical catalog.

The objective of this website is to allow us turn our feelings into music, so that we will have a text box in which to enter how we feel so that the web immediately provides us with a playlist. In this way, just by writing “relaxed” or “concentrated” we will have an ideal repertoire to accompany our daily work.

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