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Six YouTube Channels and Tools for Learning to Program in VB .NET

24 mayo, 2021

Although in previous articles we have told you about some of the most popular open source languages ​​of the moment (at least according to the ranking prepared by GitHub) and their corresponding tools to learn it; Today we add one more to our selection: Visual Basic. NET.

Thus, it is an object-oriented language – and an evolution of Visual Basic implemented on the .NET framework– whose handling is very similar but that facilitates the development of more advanced applications. Easy to read, we are left with the following sources of knowledge.

Programming tutorials and more

This YouTube channel has a total of 16 classes focused on the language that stars in our article, ranging from introductory and basic tutorials to others focused on variables, matrices, classes and objects and other basic and essential questions for anyone who wants to get started in VB.NET.


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With a enviable organization, AulaClic offers us an exhaustive VB.NET course. But not only that, but its index, objectives set by theme and units, represent a real unusual plus in this type of training.

Its system includes points centered in the representation of a program, in the data, the expressions, the classes, procedures, functions, enumerations, collections, arrays and other elementary aspects of this language. One of its main differentiators is the inclusion of explanations about the programming in a graphical environment, command buttons, menus and the like.

Learn to program

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On the Aprenderaprogramar site you will find the necessary information to develop yourself in this language. Your course Learn to program in Visual Basic from scratch it is perfect for beginners. It includes, from a basic introduction about its usefulness and history, to other aspects such as the types of variables, examples of basic programs, one-dimensional arrays and multidimensional, and so on.

In total it is made up of 61 different lessons which also explains the operation of the logical and mathematical operators, how to generate random numbers, and includes practical exercises in certain sections. Very useful and complete indeed.

The developer’s website

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Similar to the previous one, the programmer’s website has several Visual Basic courses (up to 22). NET. Some tutorials focused on more specific aspects, which go beyond the scope of simple concepts. It even integrates update guides and complete books.

It has information for more advanced developers, instructions to enhance the graphical interface with certain tools, as well as the necessary steps to migrate from VB6 to VB7, among many other questions. An interesting option that covers a wide range of aspects.

Easy Code

Although we have already told you about this YouTube channel in other of our articles, in Codigo Facilito you will also find exhaustive tutorials on VB Net. In fact, it has an exhaustive course consisting of up to 33 different videos, in which aspects such as variables and data types, functions with and without parameters, connection to databases and the like are addressed.

All with simple and clear explanations, suitable for all audiences (although it would be advisable for you to have some basic notions) that include screenshots and all the details of each specific procedure; something that you will also find on their website, along with more information about it. Of course, you can stay something limited if you want to acquire more advanced notions.

Juan Carlos Clay Channel

One of our favorites, this space by Juan Carlos Arcilla puts at our disposal endless video tutorials about it. We are left with his Visual Basic Programming classes. NET with Visual Studio 2013, in which they provide us with all the essential details so that we can start to handle ourselves in this environment.

Operators, data types, sequential and conditional structures, validations, timer control and others, are some of the points that this training deals with, which compiles a total of 14 recordings; some videos that are enjoyable and easy to understand. Includes download links and other very useful links. In addition, it usually receives many comments, an addition that you can take advantage of to solve doubts.

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