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SketchBook for Android challenges you to draw with daily challenges from the DeviantArt community

27 mayo, 2021

Don’t know what to draw? Inspiration does not come to you? Well Autodesk SketchBook for Android has the solution with Sketch This and its new daily drawing challenges created by the great community of DeviantArt so you can draw them directly from the screen of your Android mobile or tablet.

On Sketch This Every day we will find a great variety of challenges that will test our skills when drawing with our Android, with challenges ranging from the most basic to the most complex through time-limited drawing tests.

Sketch This

Sketch This allows us to publish our drawings to receive criticism and see the contributions of the rest of the DeviantArt community to value the rest. The challenges

Sketch This

Autodesk SketchBook It is free to download, but paying 4.77 euros we unlock its more than 100 predefined pencils, pens, brushes and markers, synthetic and blur brushes, full control of layers, advanced selection tools and gradient fills.

Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook Version 3.0

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