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Sky closes in Spain after three years, they will not charge their clients the last weeks of service

27 mayo, 2021

After landing in Spain in September 2017, Sky’s video on demand service will stop operating in the country on September 1. The rather small content catalog, and its few live payment channels have not been enough to keep up.

This has been announced through the Sky Help Center and an email that they have begun to send to their current customers. They explain that due to the termination of the service some of its contents could be affected in the coming days.

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“We want your last weeks with us to be free”

Sky Cierra Espana

Existing customers will be able to continue using Sky until August 31, 2020 at midnight, but some of the content will disappear as of August 10 when agreements with your suppliers come to an end.

As of July 23, if you have been subscribed to the platform paying the 6.99 euros per month and have not yet canceled, the monthly renewals will not cost you anything. That is, from that day on the subscription will be free and you do not have to do anything, They state that they will see to it that you are not charged for anything in August.

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If you are a Yoigo user, you should visit this link. If you paid several months in advance and your subscription lasts beyond August 31, you will need to contact customer service.

During his short walk through Spain Sky failed to stand out from the streaming video offering dominated by Netflix and with more competitive offers such as HBO, Amazon Prime, or Movistar +. With just 12 live channels, fewer than 15 full TV series, no Chromecast support, scant and low-end apps, and just 720p quality, this ending is hardly surprising.

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