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SkyDrive is now officially OneDrive

26 mayo, 2021

Microsoft has released the OneDrive preview, the service they launch to replace SkyDrive after its name change. At the moment it includes a handful of features that, although they are present in its competitors, were not yet implemented in Microsoft’s cloud storage service.

With the new OneDrive app for Android, for example, it is now possible automatically upload all photos and videos that we take with our smartphone. Hopefully this feature will also be extended to iOS (it was already available on Windows Phone). In addition, they introduce a new system to increase our available space for free, with two options: activating the automatic upload of images, or bringing users to the service.

We already mentioned that OneDrive would adopt a referral method similar to that of other competitors, such as Dropbox. In this way, we can get an extra 3GB if we activate the automatic upload on our Android or iOS mobiles, and up to 5GB extra if we bring 10 users to OneDrive. They also introduce a new monthly plan for those who need extra storage, although I have not been able to see.

The service can continue to be used without the need to change applications nor to update our system: if we are SkyDrive users and we have their client installed for OS X or Windows (or we use the integration with Windows 8.1), we do not need to do anything to switch to using OneDrive. It really is still the same service, but with a new face and some new features.

This new version of SkyDrive, with a new name, not yet deployed to all locations. In my account, for example, it is not available yet. You try to log in from the OneDrive website, because you are also lucky and you can now access the new version.

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