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Sleipnir, a very versatile browser

27 mayo, 2021

Sleipnir is a browser that focuses on customization, offering a multitude of options to the user and allowing the appearance to be radically changed according to our convenience. It has lots of plugins that expand its functionalities and also has a handful of skins or skins, some of them tremendously showy, like the black appearance that you see in the capture, is the skin Viola.

And what is most surprising is the possibility to choose the rendering engine at will with which we want the page in question that we are seeing to be displayed. We can choose between Gecko, the engine of Mozilla Firefox, or the Trident from Internet explorer. We can even use both at the same time in two different tabs.

As you can see, a tremendously versatile browser, which has a very good behavior, has configuration options to bore and which is completely oriented to make life easier for the user through its multitude of options and its customization possibilities. It only has a Windows version and is completely free, and it also comes with the Roboform program.

Via | WinBeta Download | Sleipnir