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small businesses can now sell products through WhatsApp Business

26 mayo, 2021

WhatsApp is still willing to bet on the WhatsApp Business platform for companies and, almost two years after its debut, it will allow the sale of small business products through it. That is WhatsApp can also be a store in which to see products and even buy them.

This is possible thanks to the launch of catalogs for companies through which products and sold directly within the instant messaging application without having to go to the physical or online store, if they have one. Are purchases in-app.

WhatsApp will allow the sale of small business products through its platform

WhatsApp as a showcase and store

This feature, anticipates Engadget, allows small businesses to create a list of products with photos, prices and descriptions that can be seen through WhatsApp. From the side of the current user of the service, it will not be necessary to download any third-party application to access these catalogs.

The objective of this initiative, beyond providing one more sales channel as already constituted by Instagram, where products can be labeled with a price and name in photographs of company accounts, is to save time. Through professional accounts, many companies They were in the position of repeatedly sending product listings and prices at the request of customers. Now, that would end since consumers will be able to access the catalog from the application itself.

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For now, the new functionality of the instant messaging application par excellence is available for both Android and iOS devices at Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Mexico, United Kingdom and United States. As we can see, a large representation of countries from practically all continents. However, the feature is expected to reach the world “soon”.