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Smartick offers teachers a free math resource platform

27 mayo, 2021

Smartick, the online math learning platform, has launched a free platform for teachers, in front of children from 4 to 14 years old, who are usually the regular customer of the method they offer to improve math grades by spending 15 minutes a day . On its new website, which requires registration by teachers, you will find all the new resources.

Among them are interactive tutorials, available in Spanish and English, with which to improve the teaching of arithmetic, geometry and algebra, activities for students to practice after doing the different tutorials, as well as ideas for the classes to better achieve their mission and motivate more.

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The importance of free resources on the Internet


Platforms of this type are interesting for several reasons. First, because Any teacher can access initially innovative resources that are already helping students who are users of the platform. This means that even students who do not use this or other platforms can benefit from the news that is arriving from different fronts, that is, out-of-school education is more democratizedeven inside the classroom.

Teaching is not an easy task, and many times there is no time to devote to research. Others the renewal is not considered necessary, because with the methods used the students get ahead, however, as in any sector, ideas or new points of view can help to improve the already good results

Other alternatives

The Internet is huge and there are practically unlimited resources between websites, applications and videos of YouTube channels to learn or improve on any material. For example, to improve writing or drawing there are channels such as Lunacreciente, which at the time we recommend along with more portals and websites to review or improve the level of children.

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Khan Academy, a non-profit organization, is also widely recognized for the work it does offering free learning in math, computing, economics and finance, etc. UNED Abierta also offers many free groups that can help improve the level of teachers and more interested public for free. Finally, Tutellus has more than 100,000 video courses for students and teachers of very diverse subjects.

By the way, Microsoft has a free application for iOS and Android that allows you to solve your math problems.