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so are the new animations of the viral app

27 mayo, 2021

Deep Nostalgia has become one of the viral phenomena of this 2021, thanks to its use of artificial intelligence to apply movement to old photographs, creating short but ultra-realistic animations.

In fact, its popularity has been such that, since its launch even less than a month ago by the genealogy portal My Heritage, andThis application has already made it possible to animate more than 72 million photos.

The key to the success of Deep Nostalgia is based on the feeling that gives it its name: the possibility of ‘give life’ to photos of loved ones who are no longer with us (and who, in most cases, we probably never had a chance to get to know).

At the technical level, the basis of its technology is a deep learning algorithm called Live Portrait, developed by D-ID, which was trained using photos and videos from MyHeritage employees themselves, so that he ‘learned’ to relate still images of faces with their movements.

So you can pass the test to detect which photos have been created by artificial intelligence

How to access the new 10 animations

Until now, it offered us 10 basic animations that the application’s AI automatically selected based on the particular characteristics of the photo. Now, seeks to expand its repertoire with new animations that, unlike the previous ones, we can select and apply manually.

The names of these new animations available in Deep Nostalgia are ‘Thank you’, ‘Approval’, ‘Dance 1’, ‘Dance 2’, ‘Kiss’,’ Kiss and wink ‘,’ Eyebrows’, ‘Compassion’, ‘Look from sideways’ and ‘Smile’. The bad news is … They are not free, but require the ‘Complete’ subscription package (the most expensive of all available).

Said subscription, if we take advantage of the current discount of 20%, it would stay at 174.99 euros per year. It certainly offers a whole host of advanced features for those interested in genealogy, but it’s definitely no bargain if all you’re looking for is access to the new Deep Nostalgia features.


Whether you are considering the option of paying that amount or if you settle for the 10 basic animations, you can use Deep Nostalgia both installing it on your mobile from the Play Store as, simply, accessing the MyHeritage website.