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so you can access the series and movies it offers without subscription

22 mayo, 2021

From now on there is a new way to watch content on Netflix in Spain: without paying for it. This is how the streaming platform has enabled it: Netflix unlocks a small part of its catalog so that anyone can try it out without paying before considering a subscription. And you can access this catalog from an Android.

Subscriptions to Netflix start at 7.99 euros in Spain and reach 15.99 euros per month, everything will depend on the number of simultaneous screens and of the highest quality that the streaming reaches. But how do you know if Netflix compensates you if the company withdrew the free trial? Well now you have a new way: the platform has opened a small part of its catalog for you to see without paying. And an Android is also valid: Netflix specifies on its page that mobiles with this operating system have the door open. Interestingly, iPhones don’t.

‘Stranger Things’, ‘Elite’, ‘Blind’ and more for free

Netflix Watch Free

Netflix will rotate the content that it offers for free to those who are considering a subscription to the platform, so it is worth taking it into account if you did not subscribe to its streaming and want to have access without paying a penny. Although yes, the amount of content is limited. And, although Netflix offers series, not all its chapters are available for free, only some selected ones.

The secret of Netflix's avalanche: how it is able to premiere 79 series and movies per month

The section ‘Watch free’ or ‘Watch free’ It is already available in Spain, as we said. It is designed to be played from the web browser on laptops or desktops, also on Android mobiles. Netflix has blocked iPhonesThis is specified if you try to access the free section from an Apple device.

Netflix Watch Free Netflix has adapted the mobile version of the web so that it can be played on Android

To watch Netflix content for free on your Android, you must do the following:

  • Access this web page or copy and paste it into your browser. In principle, anyone should work, from Google Chrome to Brave.
  • You will see the list of available content: just click on ‘Watch now’ to play any of the titles.
  • Netflix will first load an ad from its platform (can be skipped), then it will play the selected free content.
  • You cannot see the free content from the Android app, only in the browser.

The series and movies offered will vary. At the moment Netflix offers free chapters of ‘Stranger Things’, ‘Elite’, ‘This is how they see us’, ‘Love is blind’, ‘Our planet’ and ‘Grace and Frankie’. And the free movies are ‘Criminals at sea’, ‘Boss baby: back to work’, ‘Blindly’ and ‘The two papas’.

Netflix Watch Free Stranger Things playing for free on Chrome for Android

With your Android browser you can access Netflix content at no cost, also subscribe to the platform directly from there.In principle, there is no free period (perhaps if it appears), but You can pay the first month for a cost that varies from 0.05 euros to 3.99 euros. Everything will depend on your browser, your IP and what happens to you.