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so you can choose between feminine and masculine

24 mayo, 2021

After spending time available in languages ​​such as English the change of voices of Google Assistant finally reaches Spanish: you can now choose between the usual female voice or change to the male one. We show you how to change this setting from the personal assistant options.

Few services are updated as frequently as the Google Assistant. This software, based on artificial intelligence, constantly evolving to include new orders, more connected objects, to allow such incredible uses as letting Google Assistant call for us and also to better integrate with smartphones. And it is very configurable, another aspect to take into account: we can now change the voice in Spanish.

Choose between female or male voice

Change Voice Google Assistant Left, female voice; right, male voice

Google is gradually expanding the voice options in our language. In the absence of activating the continuous conversation in the smart speakers at the moment we have available the assistant voice change. What do you want to change the way Google Assistant responds to you? You can now do it in Spanish.

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The voice change process is extremely simple and you won’t have to update anything: Google has activated the option from its servers. You should have it already available, you can make the change in the following way:

  • Open Google Assistant by saying ‘Ok Google’, holding down the home button, sliding your finger from the bottom corner of the phone or through its app, whichever way you prefer.
  • Click on the lower compass icon and then on your avatar (top right).
  • Choose the settings and go to the ‘Assistant’ tab.
  • Go into ‘Assistant voice‘and choose the one you prefer: red for the female voice (the one that Assistant had until now) and orange for the male voice.
Change Voice Google Assistant

Once the voice is selected, Google Assistant will respond with it every time you ask it a question. You must bear in mind that the settings are global, so it will be that voice that Google uses in all your devices compatible with Assistant (mobile, watch, Google Nest, TV …). In the event that the new voice does not convince you, you can change it again by repeating the process.

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