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so you can copy several pieces of text to paste them later

26 mayo, 2021

Google launches a new clipboard on Android, and it does it through your keyboard Gboard, whose version 7.7 (beta) has begun to gradually activate this feature to users.

Currently Android integrates a basic clipboard, which only allows pasting the last copied text fragment, with which some manufacturers and developers created their own keyboards with an improved clipboard manager, such as SwiftKey. Well, that improved clipboard comes to Gboard.

How to synchronize the Android clipboard with the Windows one, and vice versa


This is how the Gboard clipboard works

Now with Gboard finally we can copy multiple snippets of text on the clipboard to be able to paste them later, selected which text we want to add to our message, note or document.

For this we just have to select and copy the texts as before, from the native Android text selector. Gboard will save all the copied fragments to the clipboard.


To select a copied text we just have to display the Gboard tools menu and among its options look for the new icon of the Clipboard. There we will see all the copied text fragments. To paste a text we just have to touch your card.


The gboard clipboard allows us to set texts to always have them available to paste, a very practical option to save there texts that we usually write very often, such as our address or telephone. In order to pin or remove an item we just have to do one long press or click on the Edit icon to carry out this task in several fragments at the same time.


Within your editor we can manually add text snippets just by pressing the “+” icon. With this option it is not necessary to select and copy a text to have it on the clipboard.

How to use the GBoard floating keyboard on your Android

Gboard - the Google keyboard

Gboard – the Google keyboardVaries by device.