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so you can create emojis with your face on Facebook

23 mayo, 2021

The facebook avatars They have been expanding throughout the world for a long time. A system of stickers that, as in the case of Snapchat’s Bitmoji or Apple’s Animojis, allow you to create a character in your image and likeness.

To create your own Facebook Avatar, which you can use for Facebook and Facebook Messenger like any other package of stickers and even as photos to share, only you must update your Facebook mobile application to the latest version and follow the steps that we indicate below.

We can use our personalized Facebook avatar as a profile photo or as another ‘sticker’

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How to create Facebook emojis with my face

Imageonline Co Merged Image Process for creating a Facebook Avatar.
  1. We will access the Facebook mobile application, it does not matter if it is the Android or iOS one, and we will click on the menu button (icon of the three parallel horizontal lines located in the upper right)
  2. We scroll down, click on see more and then, on Avatars.
  3. Once here we will follow the process to create our Facebook avatar choosing between skin tone, face shape, features, complexion, hairstyle, facial hair or clothing.
  4. When we have our completely custom character, we will only have to finish the process and will have created created.

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Photos 2020 05 18 15 23 38 Some of the ‘stickers’ that we get after creating our Facebook avatar.

From this moment, we can use our Facebook Avatar to put it as a profile picture, share a picture of it or use it as sticker in comments or messages, for example, through a lot of designs that we will find in the corresponding menu.