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So you can download movies from Amazon Prime Video on Windows 10, to watch them later offline

23 mayo, 2021

Amazon’s streaming movie platform, Prime Video, is immersed in the process of adding new functionalities. If a few hours ago we told you about the inclusion of user profiles that provide personalized experiences, now It’s time to talk about another novelty: the option to download chapters.

This new option, intended for allow the viewing of content offline on our computer, requires that we pre-install the Amazon Prime Video application for Windows 10.

We can choose to go directly to the Microsoft Store to do so, but if, like us, you have entered the Prime website to check if you have already enabled this function, you just have to click on ‘Download episode’, and Prime’s own website will take us to the Microsoft Store.

Screenshot 19

First step: install the application

Once we are in the profile of the ‘Amazon Prime Video for Windows’ application on said website, we will click on ‘Get’, below the indicator that it is a free application and, once we accept the browser’s notice that wants to open the Microsoft Store application, we can proceed to start the installation.

Screenshot 20

To do this, we must click ‘Get’ again, and after a few moments of waiting while the application is downloaded, in ‘Start’ if we want to start using it.

How to know which online service (Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video ...) has a series or movie

On the first screen that will show us the newly installed application, we will see a drop-down menu in which we can select our country (in our case, it detected ‘Spain’ by default) and a button that will encourage us to identify ourselves, which we will do by entering the credentials of our Amazon account.

Screenshot 23

Once this step is carried out, the application will show us the usual personalized catalog of series and movies, although we can see, in the left sidebar, a section of ‘Downloads’.

Screenshot 26

Neither the application nor the web allows us to choose the quality with which the film in question will be downloaded.

From now on, any movie or episode that we choose to download (from the application itself or from the browser tab where we have Prime Video open) will be listed in this section.

Screenshot 30 List of ‘Downloads’ of the application.
Screenshot 29 Options for downloaded episodes.