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so you can fix a ‘boot loop’

23 mayo, 2021

Most people who have a smartphone, whatever operating system it is, cannot live without it. Sometimes because it is the only instrument they have to communicate with their WhatsApp acquaintances, while in others because the telephone is, in addition, a work tool.

However, our phones can break down in many ways, one of which is the one we are dealing with in this article. The continuous reboot, also known as a restart loop or ‘boot-loop’ is one of the forms of breakdowns that our mobiles can suffer, but in many cases it has a solution, so we are going to explain it to you below.

What is and how does the reboot loop occur?

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A loop of reboots or ‘boot-loop’ It consists in that during the process of loading the operating system something goes wrong and it starts over and over again, so that your phone never just turns on. There are multiple reasons why this problem can occur on a mobile.

One of the reasons is that during a system update something goes wrong, it may be that the file in charge of the installation has not been downloaded correctly or that there is something that prevents the process from being carried out normally. Sometimes it is the user’s fault if they have the phone with the bootloader unlocked or a custom recovery installed, although this is not common.

Something that can cause what we have mentioned in the previous paragraph is that the internal storage is, in some way, corrupt or broken. This problem could be on your phone for months without you knowing about it, until when an update tries to write to a damaged area, causing the dreaded reboot loop.

A reboot loop or ‘boot-loop’ is when the phone, at some point during system startup, reboots over and over again. There are multiple reasons why this can happen.

Another reason the ‘boot-loop’ can happen is that a user is trying to install a custom ROM and was wrong in the process or you are installing a version of ROM that is not compatible with your phone model. I myself have suffered from these problems on two terminals (HTC One S and LG G2) by failing at some point in the process.

There are more reasons why this reboot loop occurs, such as a third-party app is malicious and causes that effect or not and has a critical failure, or it can also occur if the terminal suffers certain damage, such as getting wet. However, there are several other reasons why a ‘boot-loop’ can occur.

What can I do to fix this?

Luckily, if you suffer from a reboot loop, your phone is not sentenced to deathIt is possible to make it work again, although you may lose the data you had saved along the way, but it is a small price to pay to have your beloved device working again.

Enter Safe Mode

Op3 Safe Mode

Android, like other operating systems like Windows, has a Safe Mode in which only the files essential for the terminal to perform certain basic functions are loaded. There are several ways to start Android in safe mode that do not require the operating system to start:

  • With the phone off, you turn it on normally, but when the manufacturer’s logo appears, press the volume down button.

  • In some cases of Motorola mobiles, during the boot of the phone, you must hold down both volume buttons at the same time.

  • In some old Samsung terminals you must press the capacitive menu button while booting.

Factory data reset

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Even if your phone doesn’t fully start up, it is possible to do a factory data reset. If you can start in safe mode as we have explained in the previous point, then you can carry out the process from the settings, entering Backup and selecting ‘Factory data reset’.

But if you cannot boot into safe mode, it is possible to do a ‘hard reset’ from the recovery mode of your device. Even non-rooted terminals have this mode installed. To enter this mode, with the mobile turned off, hold down the power buttons and turn down the volume. In some cases you must press the volume up button instead of the volume down button.

Once inside, select the option ‘Wipe data and cache’ and in the next window you must select ‘Reset system setting’. After this, the terminal will be reset to factory data, which means that everything that had been saved in the storage will be erased.

Install a custom ROM

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If you are already a root user and also have a custom recovery, you can install a custom ROM in the hope that that will fix the ‘boot-loop’ problem. Yes indeed, you must have the ROM in question inserted in your device or, if the recovery allows it, use a USB that contains it to copy it to your storage.

Make sure, before continuing with the process, that ROM is compatible with your phone model and that you follow the steps to the letter to avoid continuing with the problem or aggravating it. Before flashing, we recommend doing ‘wipe cache’, ‘wipe dalvik / ART cache’, ‘wipe data’ and ‘wipe system’ to do a clean install and maximize the chances of success.

Go to technical service

Mobile Repair

If you have exhausted all the possibilities or do not want to complicate yourself a lot, one of the safest options is to go to the technical service to have your smartphone fixed or replaced. If the terminal is under warranty and the person responsible for the repair does not detect that something has happened to void it, you won’t have to drop a penny.

The problem is if the phone is out of warranty or the technician detects something that cancels it (that has entered water, for example), then he will inform you about the price of the repair and give you the option of accept the quote or reject it. In the latter case, the terminal will be returned to you as you sent it.

If you have exhausted all other possibilities or do not want to risk it, a good option is to send your phone to technical service.

You can go to technicians other than the official ones of the brand of your phone, although in all those cases you will have to pay an amount of money that you will have to assess whether or not it is worth paying.

These are the best methods to solve (when possible) the problem of the reboot loop or ‘boot-loop’. Have you ever had this problem and have you managed to solve it? We invite you to leave your contribution in the comments.

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