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so you can have Discover even if it is not accessible

23 mayo, 2021

Google has not revolutionized the reading of news on the mobile phone, but we could say that it makes it easier to find what is most related to each person thanks to knowledge you have of our searches and tastes. This is how Discover works, the Google news section that many Android smartphones have on the left side of their desktops: just swipe the screen from right to left and the headlines appear.

As is often the case with Android, each manufacturer does what they want with their mobiles; so there are phones that have Google news integrated, others in which the function must be activated and brands, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, that choose not to include the aforementioned Discover. Now, there are several ways to activate Google news on Android to discover the most current around your tastes.

What is Google or Discover news

Discover Personalization

Google has been making headlines in related searches for years, also offering a news service called Google News (with its respective app). Faced with the demands of the media, the company closed Google News in countries such as Spain; extending other ways of consulting the headlines in its applications and services, such as when using the search engine or within the native Android interface, the aforementioned Discover. What at first was typical of Google mobiles became available to any Android certified manufacturer. This has made many brands include Google news as standard on their Android.

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Google Discover offers a list of headlines with their cover image, all related to the interests of each user. To calculate these interests, the company’s AI uses all the searches stored in the account (remember that Google saves everything from us) and also the manual actions that we carry out in the news. That a topic does not interest us? There are two ways to tell Google to take note, always on the card of each featured story:

  • Lever small icon: used to tell Google if we want more news on that topic or less.
  • Three menu items– We can tell you that we don’t like the topic (Discover will avoid it next time) or don’t show news from the medium. In addition, we can go to the interests that Google saves from us to edit them.

The best thing about Google News is that it is a living section that is nourished by the interactions we carry out on the covers: tell the AI ​​what you like and what you don’t like to get a more or less personalized media section.

You can make your Google news what you want: by telling it what you like and what you don’t, Discover will be more accurate with what it offers you

As a general rule, Google news is to the left of the main or Home desktop, but it may be the case that Discover does not appear because your mobile does not include quick access as standard. This is not a problem since said news is included in the Google application, the one that comes with the search engine and the assistant; so a simple configuration is enough to have Discover at the click of a button.

The easy way: put the Google widget

Discover Widget

The Google widget is very useful to search with a simple gesture, also to open Discover in the same way: just press on the ‘G’ to jump to the Google news. And so you can place it on your desktop:

  • Hold down on a free space on your desktop and wait for the startup options to appear.
  • Click on ‘Widgets’ and choose the search one by holding down on it to place it in a free space on the desktop.

Now you just have to click on the ‘G’ of the widget every time you want to read the news from Google. And if you don’t want it to occupy all the space you can reduce it to just the ‘G’ (or the ‘G’ and the microphone): keep pressed on the widget until the resize box appears; and drag from the far right until the widget is as small as possible.

Don’t you want the widget? Use the Google shortcut

Discover Direct Access

As with the widget, the Google application that should come standard on your phone also opens Discover: just drag this access to the main desktop so that, when you press it, you directly access Google news.

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It may be that, instead of going directly to Discover, you go to Google settings. In that case you just have to look at the lower menu and click on the icon that interests you, ‘Discover’.

Use Google Chrome

Discover Google Chrome

As is often the case with Google features that do achieve some success, the company tends to place them everywhere. This is the case of the main page of Chrome: just open the browser, and click on the house icon (as long as you have not modified the home page), so that the Google news appears; in addition to the usual search box.