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So you can make a romantic video on Google Photos

26 mayo, 2021

One of the strengths of Google Photos is, beyond its tools to free up space on the mobile phone and its continuous news, its ability to create beautiful automatic videos without any effort other than pressing a couple of buttons on the mobile screen.

One of the latest news that Google Photos presents is precisely one of its automatic videos. This time, it’s about romantic videos that the application will create for you from the appearance of two people who are repeated in your albums in joint photos.


Romantic videos will be created automatically thanks to the new “Love Story” themed card that joins the previous “Love Story” cards. selfies“and” Smiles of 2017 “(among others), in addition to the manual option to select photos and videos and ask Google Photos that turns them into something beautiful to see.


How to make a romantic video

To start testing the new Google Photo theme, you must open the application and go to the Assistant tab. Once there, as usual, you will be presented with the four content creation options: Album, Movie, Collage or Animation.

Google Photos love story

Tap on Video where you will see the list of all types of automatic films that Google Photos can do for you. In the last option, at the bottom, you will see that the novelty appears: Love story. Select it and tap Start.

Google Photos Faces

The next step is to select two people from the list of faces that the application has detected among your photos. Then Google Photos will take care of find the photos where those two faces appear together and start creating a video from them.

Adjust Google Photos Love Story

From time to time, the Google Photos Assistant will offer you videos of this type without the need for you to manually select faces, as it does with other types of video. Once you have created the video, as usual, you can retouch the duration of each element (photo or video), select your own music track and adjust the necessary parameters so that the final video is perfect.

Romantic Google Photos

With the video created, you can now save it and start share it on your social networks, messaging services or store it in the same cloud where you host the rest of the photos in Photos.

What to do if you can’t find the option

Google Photos needs to have the face detection option turned on to be able to make most of its automatic videos. In Europe, to safeguard yourself from the most restrictive privacy laws, Google has disabled automatic face detection and there is not even the option.

However, using a VPN it is possible to establish the connection as if it came from the United States, reinstall the Google Photos application and, in Settings, activate the option “Group similar faces” that will open the doors to all these videos generated by the application.

Via | Android Police
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