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so you can play offline from any Android

24 mayo, 2021

In recent years we are seeing how the mythical game of The Serpent is back in fashion, and is that the classic games they resist dying. Bets such as or HMD Global’s movement to resurrect La Sepiente for the new Nokia 3310 confirm that users continue to appreciate – and a certain melancholy – for them. retro games.

Google has just given great joy to all lovers of lifelong games with the inclusion of The Serpent as integrated game in version 5.8.48 of Google Play Games, the latest update of its hub games from the Google Play store.

Snake is back, pre-installed for all Android

To update It is necessary to update Google Play Games to be able to play Snake

The Serpent has been included as default game, silently, in the last hours to all users from Android. To be able to see it, it is only necessary to update the application pre-installed on Android, Google Play Games, to the latest version available.

Screenshot 20180516 102036

Snake It is not an exact clone of the Nokia game, obviously. This time we have a colorful surface, a funny snake with eyes chasing apples – a vegetarian snake, friendlier- and sound effects consisting of tones that are played by every apple eaten.

Screenshot 20180516 100727

The movements are recreated sliding fingers on the screen and it goes without saying what to do sharp turns 180 degree is all a challenge. At the end of a game, that is, when the snake gives a head butt with a wall or his own body and he stays half lela, you will see your score accompanied by your personal record.

Screenshot 20180516 101952

The changes in Google Play Games add to the great renovation of the games center that we already reviewed six months ago, when the first integrated games were included (Cricket, Pac-MAN and Solitaire) that, in addition, allow you to play games without the need for an internet connection.

Screenshot 20180516 102041

Google Play Games joins the new Material Design

The news that we have seen in the update of Google Play Games are not limited to the sum of a new game: we also have a renovation, this time a lot more cosmetic, from its interface.

The Google game center thus joins the long list of applications that are making the transition to Material Design, with more surface dominated by white, shorter buttons and no fill color, squares with more rounded corners and a new typography that doesn’t quite convince everyone.

Google Play Games

Google Play Games5.8.48

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