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So you can play Pokémon Go on Windows, and these are its limitations

24 mayo, 2021

Pokémon Go is exceeding all expectations. People are losing their minds with the new game from Nintendo and Niantic, the shares of the Japanese giant are rising like foam, and all despite the fact that the game has not yet been released in Europe and that he has already had to face the first controversies regarding privacy.

This morning we told you that the only desktop operating system that would support natively, except perhaps Remix OS, the Android version of the game. But that does not mean that other systems have no way to be able to play it. In fact we have managed to run it on Windows, although not without some important limitations.

Touch pull Android emulator


The first thing that came to mind when considering how to try to play Pokémon Go on my Windows 10 PC was to use the popular Arc Welder extension for Chrome. But sadly, as much as I tried there was no way to get the APK to run of the game, so I had no choice but to look for other alternatives.

Last April we talked about a series of free applications with which you can use Android games and apps on a Windows PC, so the next step was to test them all to see which of them managed to execute it better. Most of the game had architectural problems, but there was one that I managed to play with.

It is BlueStacks, one of the oldest applications with which to emulate Android on the PC, and one of the most complete. Emulates Android version 4.4.2, and in addition to allowing us to download applications from the Google Play Store, we can also install the APK files that we download.

As we already warned the day we made the list of alternatives, we cannot say that with this most of the great applications work without problems, but it has been the only one with which I have managed to run the application and use most of its functions. Suggestions are welcome if anyone manages to make it work 100%.

You will not be able to hunt Pokémon

Pokemon Actions

Unfortunately BlueStacks seems to have a problem managing device location. Not able to use Windows, and other Android applications like Fake GPS they don’t seem to be of any use either. Therefore, I am afraid that on our PC we will not be able to go out to hunt Pokémon.

There is no doubt that ends part of the fun of the game, although I find it difficult to think that we were going to go out on the street laptop in hand to get hold of everyone anyway. In any case, what we can do is manage our virtual pets, although at the moment there are not too many options implemented.

For now, from Windows we can use the game store, browse our Pokédex, review, feed and evolve our Pokémon, and interact with our list of objects. In a few months the game will allow us to exchange Pookémon, something that we suppose we can do from the computer like any other function that does not require GPS that will be added in the future.

But if despite the great limitation of the game you think that what can be done from the PC is enough to give it a try, then I leave you the steps to follow to be able to play to the latest Nintendo mobile hit on your Windows PC.

How to play Pokémon Go on Windows

APK Mirror Pokémon Go

Before starting there are two essential downloads that we will have to do. The first is the APK of the game, and to avoid the malware that is appearing in some apk files, it is best to download it from a reliable source such as APK Mirror. Second, as you can imagine, we will have to download BlueStacks from its official website.

Next we will go on to install BlueStacks as we would any other application. Once the installation is finished we execute the tool, in the tabs above We give the one that says Android. Once in the operating system, we look for the option to Settings, and we go down until we find the option of Add Account.

Bluestacks settings

The first time I just ran the game, but it gave me an error when it came to logging into my Google account. Therefore, before we even install the game, let’s start adding our Google account. If we also play Pokémon Go on our mobile, it is important that it is the same one we use there so that all our data is synchronized.

In the right bar of the application we will see the option APK, and that is where we will have to click to choose the location of the apk file and run it to install the game. Once installed there will only be run it as we would on our mobile device. At first we will have to enter the date of birth, but then everything will be synchronized to be able to manage the Pokémon that we have been hunting with the mobile on our PC.

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