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So you can share a WhatsApp number and a message through a link

23 mayo, 2021

Would you like to add a link to your profile or website so that your followers or visitors can send you a WhatsApp with a simple click? Well now this is possible.

In the last hours a new WhatsApp API that allows us share phone numbers and text messages via a web link, and its operation is very simple.


Create link of a WhatsApp number

To create a link with a WhatsApp number, we just have to complete the following URL with the phone number:


We only have to put numbers, no symbols, and we have to put the two codes of the country prefix (34 in Spain, 52 in Mexico).

Create link of a WhatsApp number next to a message

If we also want to add a default message we have to extend the previous link with the string & text = such that:

  • text =hello,% 20what% 20tal?

The fastest way to create this link is from the browser’s address bar, so that you can write the normal message, with spaces, since then when accessing the address, the browser will automatically correct the URL, changing the spaces to the ASCII code% 20. Then you just have to copy the new URL.

Create link from a WhatsApp message

We can also create a link that only includes a message and then WhatsApp asks us which contact to send that message to. To do this, you just have to eliminate the string referring to the phone = such that:

  •,% 20what% 20tal?

WhatsApp will never send the message, it will only open the chat window of the link phone and in the “Write message” field the link text will appear already written, in case there is a message in the link. We are always the ones who have to send the message.

If we open the link from the computer, WhatsApp Web will open to send the message, if we do it from our mobile device, the application will open.

Via | WABetaInfo
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