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Sonico, another Hispanic social network to meet and make friends

27 mayo, 2021

Some say that the internet isolates people from the world, although the truth is that it unites them, among other things, through social networks. And among so many social networks now we are going to stop at Sonic, from the same creators of Flodeo, fnbox.

Sonic is a Hispanic social network where users can have their own customizable spaces with their user profiles in which personal information as well as other content will be provided, such as unlimited space image albums. In this way, users will be able to create their networks of friends, but in this case up to two networks per country, two networks per city and two networks per educational center can join. Therefore, once they have their networks of friends, they can establish contacts through personal and private messages, although they can also have the detail of sending electronic postcards on any occasion, such as birthdays, and for this they have a birthday alert.

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Undoubtedly one more network to take into account to create networks of contacts being quite simple in its operation.

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