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Sony buys Crunchyroll for $ 1,175 million, and gets the best anime service on the market

27 mayo, 2021

Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that it has purchased Crunchyroll, the popular anime streaming platform, and is honored to be considered “the Netflix of anime“. Sony has paid 1,175 million dollars to the AT&T group, Crunchyroll’s previous owner, pending regulatory approval of the move.

It is a step that, in addition to talking about how the streaming world is consolidating, represents a kind of attack on Netflix, because in the streaming war, anime is one of the great weapons of the Reed Hastings service against its up to now big rivals, Disney + and HBO. Since 2017, Netflix pays special attention to the genre, from buying classics to producing its own.

That there is no gap in the market unfilled


Crunchyroll prices in Spain.

Crunchyroll is a small platform compared to the other big ones, but in streaming, as in other markets, Having well covered niches is important, and that is what the platform does, serving more than three million subscribers, a number that is growing and that has the potential to be much higher if Sony is able to position the service well.

The anime war, as Netflix has stated many times, is the war for our time (hence the famous “Netflix’s biggest rival is Fortnite, not HBO” by Reed Hastings), and Crunchyroll has great arguments for us to spend time viewing its contents. In addition to the 3 million subscribers, They have 90 million registered users, as Joanne Waage, general manager of Crunchyroll, tells.

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All of them enjoy series as important as ‘One Piece’, ‘Digimon’, ‘One-Punch Man’, ‘Naruto’ or ‘Black Clover’, among many others. They thus join other series owned by Funimation, bought by Sony in 2017, such as ‘Dragon Ball’ or ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’. What’s more, Crunchyroll has its own content under its Originals label, which are accompanied by mobile games, manga and merchandising.

In Spain, Crunchyroll is priced at € 64.99 per year with up to 4 devices, € 6.49 per month, or € 4.99 per month if we prefer a subscription that does not allow visiting offline and we do not need more than one screen simultaneously.

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