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Sony, LG, Samsung and more

22 mayo, 2021

An image is worth a thousand words and it is also easier to share, so it is understandable that the popularity of screenshots on Android are on the rise. The functionality was officially introduced in Android 4.0, although some layers of customization like Samsung’s already had them before.

Now the million dollar question is how to take a screenshot with my Android mobile. The answer is the same that we have wielded so many other times in Android: depends. Different manufacturers have devised different ways to take screenshots: here you will find instructions for most Android phones today.

The official way

The official way to take a screenshot on Android has not changed for five years: you must simultaneously press the power key and the volume down key. Keep both keys pressed for one second and a flash on the screen and a sound will alert you that a screenshot has been taken.


Several manufacturers respect this method, but not all. As you will see below, there are countless variants that show us that Android fragmentation is the order of the day in issues beyond the system update.

The general rule

We have already seen the official form, but it is not always fulfilled. Instead, there is another premise that (almost) always holds true, although it is more flexible. To take a screenshot on the vast majority of Android phones you must press two physical buttons at the same time.

Taking into account that there are generally four physical buttons: Power, Home (although it is almost never a physical button anymore), Volume up and Volume down, and that it is rare that both volume buttons are combined since sometimes they cannot be pressed at the same time. time, this leaves us with five possibilities:

  • Power on and Start
  • Power on and Volume up
  • Power On and Volume Down
  • Home and Volume Up
  • Start and Volume Down

Almost certainly one of the previous combinations will take a screenshot on your mobile. In all cases, it is necessary press both keys at the same time and hold them down for at least a second.

With the Google Assistant

Now that the Google Assistant is available in Spanish and for a good number of devices, you have at your disposal a new way of taking screenshots: via the Wizard. It is not the fastest way, but if for some reason it is not possible to use other methods (for example, a button does not work) it is another option.

To take a screenshot with the Google Assistant, you must launch the assistant either by long pressing the Home button or by calling it out loud, Ok Google. If you are in an application and not on the Desktop, one of the options to choose from is called Share screenshot.


This method has a disadvantage – or advantage, depending on how you look at it – and that is that the screenshot not saved in Gallery from your mobile. Right after taking it, you must choose who you want to send it to with applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

Screenshots on Samsung mobiles

Samsung has an arsenal of models on the market and consequently there are differences in the way of taking screenshots. The “classic” way of taking a screenshot is with a simultaneous press of Power on and Start.

Power and Home

However, the latest Samsung terminals do not have a physical home button, so it is also possible to take a screenshot with the standard Android standard: pressing simultaneously Power On and Volume Down. This is possible even in “old” terminals with a physical start button, which support both combinations.

Start & Download

Another way to take screenshots on Samsung phones is sliding the edge of the hand from the right side, sweeping the screen. This method must be activated in the mobile settings for it to work.


Screenshots on Sony mobiles

Sony has a slightly different method of taking screenshots from other manufacturers. You must first hold down the key Switched on until the popup menu off. One of these options is Screenshot. Tap on it to capture.


If this does not convince you to do it in two steps and you prefer the classic way, it is also available. That is, you can simultaneously press the Power and Volume Down button to take screenshots on a Sony mobile.


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Screenshots on LG mobiles

LG uses the standard Android system to take screenshots. That is, you must simultaneously press the arrow keys Power On and Volume Down. The only difference is that, in this case, the power key may be behind.


Screenshots on Huawei phones

Another brand that targets the Android standard is Huawei, at least in its latest models. To take a screenshot, press the buttons simultaneously. Power On and Volume Down. In some models it is also possible to take screenshots knocking twice with the knuckles, as if you were knocking on the door.


Screenshots on Xiaomi mobiles

Xiaomi has also opted for the standard Android method to take screenshots, both in its MIUI system and in its terminals with pure Android. The method is the same: press the buttons simultaneously Power On and Volume Down.


Screenshots on HTC mobiles

On HTC phones you can use the traditional Android method to take screenshots. That is, simultaneously pressing the button Power On and Volume Down. If that combination catches you a bit off the ground, many classic models with a physical home button also allow you to take a screenshot by pressing the key. Power and Home button.


Screenshots on ASUS mobiles

Screenshots on ASUS mobiles are taken with the standard Android key combination. That is, you must simultaneously press the button Power On and Volume Down. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that, on older models, the volume buttons are on the back.


Screenshots on Motorola mobiles

It does not matter if your Motorola mobile is from the old Motorola or from Lenovo’s Motorola, because the method to take a screenshot is the same. You must simultaneously press the button Power On and Volume Down, until you are notified with an animation and sound that the screenshot has been taken.


Screenshots on BQ mobiles

The Spanish / Vietnamese brand BQ does not complicate your life and includes the standard method for taking screenshots on their phones. So all you have to do is press the buttons simultaneously. Power On and Volume Down to take a screenshot.


Screenshots on OnePlus mobiles

OnePlus joins the majority by adopting the standard mode to capture Android. That is, by simultaneously pressing the Power button and Volume Down button, which in this case are at opposite ends.


Screenshots on Nexus / Pixel mobiles

Unsurprisingly, Google follows the official Android rules. To take a screenshot, follow the usual procedure: simultaneously press the button Power On and Volume Down until an animation and sound warn you that the capture has been made.


Screenshots on Nokia mobiles

Nokia has opted for Stock Android for its mobiles so it was foreseeable that the way to take screenshots would be the normal Android, and it is. To take a screenshot on a Nokia mobile, press the button simultaneously. Power On and Volume Down.


Are we missing any additional brands or methods for any of the additional brands? Share it in the comments! With so many different models, it is impossible to exhaustively review all the available options, but we will add your requests and suggestions in future editions of this article.