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Sony SmartWatch 2, all the information about Sony’s new Android smartwatch

26 mayo, 2021

As expected, in addition to presenting Sony their new Xperia Z Ultra phablet they have also announced their new smartwatch for Android, the Sony SmartWatch 2, which tries to correct all the faults and shortcomings that the first model had.

Sony SmartWatch 2, features

Sony SmartWatch 2 has a slightly larger screen, 1.6 inch with a higher resolution, 220 × 176 pixels, and which happens to have an LCD panel instead of OLED. Its finish is now metallic, they have added capacitive buttons, now we can put the strap we want (24 mm) and it is splash proof but it is not suitable for submerging in water.

They have not given much details of its technical specifications, only that it has Bluetooth 3.0 to communicate with Android devices, microUSB for charging, it releases NFC and what does it require Android 4.0 or higher. The dimensions of the watch are 42 x 9 x 41 mm and it weighs 122.5 grams with the metal strap that is included as standard. Its battery offers us between 3 and 4 days of normal use.

Sony SmartWatch 2

With Sony SmartWatch 2 In addition to seeing the date and time, we can access our agenda, view the call log, SMS, our email, view the social networks Google+, Twitter and Facebook, view the weather, view news, the calendar, use it as a shutter for remote camera and many more actions with the more than 200 applications that Sony hopes will be available on the day of its launch.

Sony SmartWatch 2, price and availability

It is expected that the Sony SmartWatch 2 It is put on sale from September at a price yet to be determined, it would not have to exceed 200 euros. It seems that it will only go on sale in black.

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