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SozializeMe wants to become the Spanish

27 mayo, 2021 is one of the web services that I use, since it makes my life much easier to have all the identities gathered in the same place, in the social networks and web services that are more numerous every day. So when I heard about SozializeMe, I was interested in the proposal of this startup Spanish that aims to become the alternative of in our country.

SozializeMe becomes a service to have at hand the identities of all the people we follow in a social network, but we do not necessarily have in another. For example, we follow a person on Twitter, but we have no idea what identity they have on Google +, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, and perhaps we are also interested in the activity they carry out on one of these social networks.

Because we do not always develop the same activity in one social network as another. We can use Twitter for everything, Google + or Linkedin for our professional side or Facebook for the most personal part, to give several examples. And we will not always be interested in following all of them on all their networks. With SozializeMe we can choose in which social network of those associated with the user, we follow him.

The service is still in beta And the truth is that it shows, since I have had, in the days that I have been testing, some failures when following the profiles of other users. We can only follow the profiles that we have associated with our account, that is, if we have associated SozializeMe Twitter and Facebook, we will not be able to follow another user on Instagram.

In addition, the service has a “socializer” button that we can integrate into our blog or we have a QR code to include in our email signature, for example, which takes us to our profile on SozializeMe. We also have a score of our profile socilizing, a kind of karma, depending on the networks we have added, the profiles we follow, etc.

However, the service has quite a few details to be polished. The discover or find new users feature should prioritize by users with the highest score or allow filters. It does not allow us to identify ourselves directly through the profiles that we already have on social networks or a greater personalization of our SozializeMe profile, these are, in my opinion, some of the issues to improve.

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