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Spain is winning the World War in WorldWarBot, a “Risk” generated by a viral Twitter bot

27 mayo, 2021

September 2096, Spain leads the World War after conquering much of Central Europe and practically all of Africa, or so says an automatic bot which reminds us of the famous Risk, and which currently has almost 40,000 followers on Twitter and more than 200,000 on Facebook.

WorldWarBot is a bot created by a young Italian who tells us how a fictional World War evolves. Results are generated automatically, and for the moment, Spain seems to have all the ballots to emerge victorious from the battle.

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What is WorldWarBot and how does it work

World War Bot

From the WorldWarBot page itself, its developer summarizes its operation as that of an automated bot that generates random posts. In the same way, it is reiterated that all countries are on an equal footing, and we are invited not to take the results wrong.

WorldWarBot generates results randomly, simulating attacks that occur between countries

Despite the simplicity of the bot, its success is being resounding on Twitter, and, as we read in Verne, it has gone from 2,500 followers to almost 40,000 in just under a week. Behind it, we find an Italian developer who prefers to keep his identity a secret, and who has created similar proposals as a bot that faces the houses of Game Of Thrones.

World War Bot Facebook

If we take a look at WorldWarBot, we see that the publications are generated automatically in the different networks (Twitter, Facebook and Telegram), with the pertinent updates on the progress of the war. The format is simple: date and country that is occupying the territory.

As often happens on Twitter, all kinds of memes are not taking long to emerge. In the case of Spain, ingenuity is noted, and even more so with the “hot” elections and several almost obligatory references to national pride.

In the latest update of the bot, we are taken to September 2096, the year in which Bahrain conquered Armenia, a territory previously occupied by Georgia. Only 27 countries remain, and Zimbabwe is one of the main rivals to beat.

Given the success of the game, and the amount of feedback it has received from Spain, the developer has already announced a new bot focused on Spain. The new Civil War will begin in three days, confronting the different territories that make up Spain.