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Spotify finally has a web player that doesn’t use Flash, and it’s wonderful

26 mayo, 2021

Although it may seem incredible, we have had to wait well into 2017 for Spotify finally say goodbye to Flash on its web player. Although the music streaming service has native applications for basically all operating systems, one of the things that many of its users regretted was the dependence on the undesirable plugin from the browser.

From this weekend when you go to you should see the new player, just make sure you don’t have the native application open at the same time or it will basically work as a controller that lets you send the music instead of a separate player.


The change might not reach all users at the same time, but you don’t need to be a member of the beta testers group either, I’m not and I already have the new interface. If something needs to be mentioned it is the speed and fluidity with which it loads, a quite different experience from the web player disaster that Flash uses, and which some of us will miss little.

Spotify Web Player Html5

Unfortunately the new player is not perfect, has some shortcomings compared to the previous one and especially with the native applications. The side panel doesn’t show your playlists, it just fills up with what you’ve recently listened to. It is not possible to add songs to the queue, nor can you organize your songs and albums in any other order than alphabetical.

Although it looks somewhat incomplete, perhaps because it is still under construction or simply because Spotify wants to oversimplify some things, the fluidity and speed with which it works is enough to cheer up any user who only had Flash active in the browser to listen to music on the service.

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