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Spotify increases the limit of songs you can download from 3,333 to 10,000

27 mayo, 2021

One of the most popular criticisms of Spotify was that it only allowed 3,333 songs to be downloaded for offline listening. It may seem like a pretty high limit, but at the very least the user downloads three or four playlist large, turns out not to be so. This has been the case since its inception, but the Swedish service seems to have reconsidered and eventually has increased that limit to 10,000.

This has been confirmed by Spotify to the Rolling Stones magazine after some users noticed this increase without prior notice. From now on, each user will be able to store 10,000 songs on each device, with a total of up to five devices, that is, 50,000 songs.

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A necessary increase considering the competition

Spotify vs Apple Music

Apple Music, Spotify’s main competitor, has no limit of offline songs. In fact, the only limit is the storage of your smartphone. If you have a new 512 GB iPhone XS you can save as many songs as you want until you fill the memory. The same goes for YouTube Music (although it has a limit of 10,000 albums or playlists).

Both Spotify and Apple Music and Youtube Music have a similar price of 9.99 eurosSo, so far, Spotify lagged far behind its competition. This new limit balances the scales slightly, but it is still far from offering unlimited downloads as its main competitors already do.

As far as users are concerned, Spotify beats its direct competitor by a landslide

As far as users are concerned, Spotify wins by a landslide to its direct competitor, Apple Music, at least for now. The Swedish service has 140 million users, of which 70 million are paid. Apple Music, meanwhile, has 36 million premium users. The difference is that Spotify took 93 months to reach that figure, while Apple Music only needed 33.

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