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Spotify launches ‘Premium Duo’ in Spain, a subscription for couples with which to save and share a personalized playlist

26 mayo, 2021

Just over a year ago, Spotify introduced ‘Premium Duo’ a paid subscription designed for couples who live under the same house and who want to save something compared to paying individual subscriptions. However, that it was a test experiment that only reached some markets, among which were certain Latin American countries. Now the company has made its new global plan, so that it will reach 55 new markets, including Spain.

Couples using the ‘Premium Duo’ plan will pay $ 12.99 to or the equivalent per markets, which in Spain it is 12.99 euros. They are 6.99 euros of savings compared to paying two individual subscriptions. A good discount. However, the new subscription is more than a discount, and it is Duo Mix.

Duo Mix, a personalized playlist for you and your partner

The ‘Premium Duo’ plan comes with ‘Duo Mix‘, a playlist customized by the Spotify algorithm that is updated so that the two members of the couple discover new music together. In this sense, Spotify says that according to a study of its users, “73% of couples listen to music together”, so according to that, the new function makes sense.

With Premium Duo, there are four premium plans offered by the Swedish company in Spain and other markets. On the one hand, it offers the individual, for 9.99 euros per month, the Family Plan, for 14.99 euros per month, Students, for 4.99 euros per month and Duo, for 12.99 euros per month. Family Mix, for example, also includes Family Mix, similar to Duo Mix.

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Regarding the conditions to be able to choose to create an account, in the terms and conditions and use, Spotify establishes that “the owner of the main account and the owner of the subsidiary account of his family must reside in the same address”. How will they check it? After activating the account, “the user will have to confirm his address”. Later, the company mentions “it is possible that, from time to time, the address may be asked to reconfirm, in order to verify that the requirements to access the service are still being met.”

Spotify will ask for confirmation that both people live under the same household, although with the family plan at the moment it has not been very strict

The conditions they are not different from the family plan, which in this sense already asks to verify the address of the family members. However, despite the fact that there has been different news in this regard, such as GPS control, the reality is that at the moment the company is not being very strict in terms of compliance with the rule that members live together. It will be necessary to see how this matter evolves.

Those couples who want to create a joint account can do so from here. ‘Premium Duo’ comes with a free trial month, as long as both members of the couple have not been Premium before.