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Spotify – news and tricks for Spotify

21 mayo, 2021

Spotify news in Genbeta

Spotify is an application available for Windows and Mac that will allow us to listen to the music we want instantly. And I speak of specific and complete songs. Imagine the entire iTunes catalog to listen to 100% in streaming together with the artist discovery algorithms. That is Spotify. Dear Steve, how much do you think such a service would cost? Hold on to the chair because the main version is free, with the only drawback of having sound advertising from time to time and surely visual advertising in the near future. It’s widely spaced for now (I haven’t heard any yet!), Much longer than on traditional radio, and only one ad at a time. If you want to get rid of the ads, you can switch to the paid version and hire a day for one euro or a month for ten euros. Let’s go to its strengths: The catalog. EMI, Universal, Sony BMG, Warner Music; The four major discographies and other smaller ones have made their catalog available, and not only of Anglo-Saxon music, but also of Spanish artists and from all over the world. It is also well organized, with pages for groups, albums, compilations, etc … A joy. The search. It is very good, practically as efficient as iTunes. Thanks to it, the catalog can be enjoyed much better. Although it is not seen with the naked eye, we can filter by genre, year, artist … The playlists. If we get tired of searching one by one, we can create playlists with the songs or albums we want. Not with similar artists or similar music, with the exact songs that we tell you. This, which is normal for a desktop player, seems incredible to me on an online radio. Automatic stations. Also, great for when we want to listen to something quickly and without thinking, although this feature is not so surprising because it is available in almost all online radios. In a very similar way to and, we can automatically generate a station limiting by decades or by style of music. We can also generate a station from an artist Social functions. If you configure it in the preferences, you can send the songs you play to your profile. It also includes artist biographies, in case you get bored. And on the initial screen you will be able to see the artists that you may like, along with several Top Ten of the most played songs / albums / artists. Control playback. It seems silly, but no online radio allows us to pause songs and advance or rewind the playback to the second we want. The interface. It’s beautiful, it’s simple, it’s straightforward, it’s functional. What more could you ask for. Performance. I do not know if it is because until recently it should be entered by invitation or because it is limited to certain countries, but I have not noticed any cut in the reproduction, everything goes very very smooth, almost so fast that it gives cosica. And without consuming too many resources, something that is not surprising if I tell you that one of the creators is the developer of µTorrent. The quality. Here we enter into personal evaluations, but it is true that few online radios offer their repertoire like Spotify, which is estimated to be comparable to an MP3 encoded at constant 160kbps. Of course, physical media and other paid stores offer better quality, but remember that we are talking about a free service. Its careful detail. Not only because of its interface, but because of things like keyboard shortcuts to control playback (at least on Mac). And its weak points: That it is only available for Windows and Mac. On the one hand, they should also port it to Linux, although they give you the instructions to run it under Wine. On the other … mobile version, please! With the data rates that are coming and with the number of mobiles that will have Wifi, Spotify would be the ideal companion. Traditional music-based radios would have it difficult to compete. I don’t know how many people would be willing to pay for the paid version just to remove the ads. Maybe they should add a premium version that would pay to download the songs, but considering that they are very cloud-focused, I don’t think they will. That it is only in English. As I said, the music is in dozens of languages ​​including Spanish, but the application itself is not yet translated. The songs cannot be rated. Although I do not know if it is good or bad, it is a lack. That for now it can only be used in Europe, specifically in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Finland and Norway. If I have convinced you, create a free account and download the version for your Operating System. If I have not convinced you, excuse my clumsiness as an amateur commercial, create a free account, download the version for your Operating System and enjoy the future of music. In Hypersonic | Spotify, a world of music at your fingertips In Error500 | Spotify and models for music on demand In Applesfera | Spotify: Instant, simple and free music wherever you are Free registration | Spotify Download | Spotify