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stable versions for PC and Android every four weeks

27 mayo, 2021

Two weeks ago we were talking about version 15 of Mozilla Firefox, the latest and most recent iteration of your browser. The company, for a long time, has used to offer updates in cycles that go six to eight weeks, something that will begin to change soon, since this cycle will be shortened from next year.

As we read in hacks.mozilla the browser, both in its desktop versions and in the versions for Android will be updated every four weeks, which translates into a great update on a monthly basis. Mozilla promises that the quality and stability of the current versions will be maintained, despite the increase in pace.

Firefox Multiple Picture-in-Picture

This is the new Mozilla update schedule

Firefox Calendar

Mozilla itself has announced that the update cycle moves to the aforementioned four weeks. From first quarter of 2020 this measure will be effective, and version jumps will occur in these periods. Regarding the ESR version of Firefox (the one with extended support for companies), there will be no changes.

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According to Mozilla, they will be able to offer stable versions with this greater agility. Similarly, they plan launch betas at a faster rate, surpassing the two weekly betas. Along with the news of faster support, comes the calendar for 2019 and 2020, which shows the next versions of Firefox up to 81 (remember that, currently, we are at 69).

The frequency of updates will increase progressively, up to the promised four weeks

Firefox will gradually reduce the number of weeks that the current update cycle consists of (seven weeks, six, five, four), promising that, despite the increase in pace, the quality of the versions will not be affected. That said, we just have to wait for the beginning of 2020 to enjoy, if you use this browser, a higher rate of updates.

Via | Mozilla hacks