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Stack is like a Tweetdeck for all your social networks, an app that macOS users envy

27 mayo, 2021

At Genbeta we rarely recommend non-cross-platform apps, but this little gem simply called ‘Stack’ deserves a mention although it can only be enjoyed on macOS (for now).

Stack is a very useful and also free application that allows you to access a lot of social networks in one place, each one in a column in the purest Tweetdeck style, but works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Dribbble, and Flickr.

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To achieve the column effect what you do is basically pack the mobile version of the web of each of these sites, and that leaves us with a window with more than half a dozen of what the apps for the smartphone of each of these social networks look like.

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It’s like having all the mobile apps for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Dribbble, and Flickr in the same window.

The interface is extremely clean and everything looks quite nice and organized. It’s especially useful because hardly any of these social networks actually have native desktop apps that work as well as the mobile version of the web.

Having all these mini apps in one window on your computer is incredibly useful if you are a social media addict, or if you just want to check out Instagram stories from time to time.

The app is based on Electron, in case it wasn’t obvious, so it’s not exactly the most considerate of your RAM. For now it does not support the use of multiple accounts, but it is something they plan to add, including more social networks and a version for Windows. So you can be on the lookout for the next release.

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